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Make-Over #7: Breathing new life to mature locks

Hello HairInManila readers!

If this blog had sound, you’d now be surprised that a girl greets you and not Birdie. Let me introduce myself. I’m Y2, a Management Trainee handling PR for the Professional Products division (a.k.a. the salon division) here in L’ Oréal. Things have been crazy busy around the office, and I’ll be helping Birdie out with this blog now.

Since this blog is about hair, let me tell you a bit about mine. In the three months I’ve worked here, I’ve had four haircuts, a rebonding, a color change, and countless shampoo and treatment testings. Never has my hair been given this much attention and care! It continues to be a fun and interesting “hair journey” so far, and maybe someday I’ll share more with you. :)

For this make-over, Agoo Bengzon follows and writes about her own mom, Mariasun Azcuna! Like Mariasun, many women want to maintain their healthy and luscious locks as they grow older. However, hair shows signs of aging, especially when not taken care of properly. For some much-needed hair rejuvenation, we brought her to one of Manila’s most renowned salon brands: Emphasis Salon in the Peninsula Hotel

With Agoo accompanying her mom for some mother-daughter bonding, here’s how Emphasis was able to defy aging, as well as a peek inside a true Manila gem of a salon.

Mariasun’s hair gives her age away now, but wait ‘til you see her after her makeover!

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Make-Over #6: Curls Allowed: The Return of the Hippie Perm

“Hi HairInManila,

I landed on your blog desperately looking for a reliable salon in the city. Unfortunately, my hair got chemically damaged very recently due to a perming treatment. It has gotten very dry, frizzy, unmanageable and in other ways I never imagined. :( My hair is medium in length and I would dare chop it off just so I could get rid of it! Is there any chance you know of a treatment for such? Or a makeover that’s looking to transform a hideous hair into something very nice? Hehe. Hope to hear from you very soon for I can no longer have this thing hanging on my head. Thank you very much! – Pam”

How can I say no? As my first-ever reader-volunteer-model, I wanted to give Pam a fantastic make-over! I decided to set her up with one of my favorite salons owned by one of my favorite stylists in town: Philippe’s Salon!
With Becca accompanying her, here’s how Pam’s curls were rescued as well as an inside look at this chic salon that’s hidden away from the metro.

Perms are hard to manage, but with the right cut and products, its beauty can last!

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Look of the Week Winner – Jan28-Feb5

What a week! Been really busy at work so my apologies for the lack of updates. I am super happy to announce though that there have been over 40 entries this week! Lots of Maybelline fans out there! It was really difficult to select the top 9 as the quality of the entries are becoming superb. Thank you again to everyone who joined the contest and I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as the team enjoys creating the stories for you!

Finally, to end the suspense, the winner of this week’s contest is: CHERISH MARASIGAN who looks stylishly stunning and with hair that she cuts and styles on her own!  You can click the photos below for a bigger picture and to see the captions that came with the submissions.

For the other 8 finalists, you all win a consolation prize from Maybelline too! I’ll email you the details on how to claim it.

Next contest will be announced soon! Lovely Garnier products are our next big beauty give-away!

Look of the Week – Jan 28-Feb 5, 2010

Time for another big prize give-away! :D

For this week, one winning look will receive a generous loot bag from Maybelline New York that contains all the items listed below! (All other finalists will get consolation prizes too!)

  • 1x Clear Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation
  • 1x Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation
  • 1x Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation
  • 1x Diamond Glow palette by Eye Studio
  • 1x Vivid and Smooth Liner by Eye Studio
  • 1x 2-in-1 Impact Shadow Liner by Eye Studio
  • 1x Impact Express Smooth Pencil Shadow
  • 4x Color Sensational Lipsticks
  • 1x Unstoppable Curling Mascara

Update: Contest is now closed! Winner is announced here

Get a chance to win all these make-up goodies now! This contest will only last for 9 days!

Worth playing for? Click here to read the rules of the contest and email me your best fashionista photo now!

Oh, and some advice on how to improve your chances of winning:

  1. Take full body shots as we want to see your fashion style as well as your hair. Just sending a photo of your face (even if you have great hair) won’t be enough.
  2. Avoid dark and grainy pics. If we can’t see the details, it won’t make it. It doesn’t have to be studio or SLR quality
  3. Add a caption or description to your photo to give you that additional, differentiating edge against the rest :)

Good luck everyone!

Submissions starts from Jan 28 and ends at Feb 5, 10pm

Email me your photos at

Salon Review: A Colorful Day at Franck Provost Studio

With all the high-end development in Taguig these days, it is only natural that a high-end salon will follow. Enter Franck Provost Studio at the Fort! It has only been around for a year, but it has been getting a steady stream of clientele thanks to the creative direction of its head French director and its highly trained staff.

HairInManila contributor Vicky Tensuan sets up an appointment to give us a review of the salon’s services! Let’s take a look inside!

The façade of the Franck Provost

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Look of the Week Winner – Jan 18-24

After 7 days and over 20+ entries, the HairInManila team has chosen the 9 entries to be the finalists! The winner was chosen because of great style and great hair to match it. Thank you to everyone who joined this experimental contest!  You can click the photos below for a bigger picture and to see the captions that came with the entries that explained their styles.

So without further ado, the winner of this week’s contest is: DIOR CO with her slicked back short hair that went really well with the chicness of her clothes.

Thanks to everyone for joining! Stay tuned for the announcement of the start of the next contest! Maybelline New York is giving away a big beauty loot for the next one!

Prom looks tie-up with Inquirer’s 2bU

In case you missed it, The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s 2bU section came out with a set of Prom looks for high school girls last January 23, 2010. Bianca Consunji, who wrote the article, asked me if I could help contact some hair and make-up stylists for the shoot, and I was naturally happy to do so.

With our favorite hair guy, Borge Aloba of L’Oréal Professionnel, and make-up artist Jim Ryan Ros of Maybelline New York, 2bU created 5 amazing looks for you readers! Hope you share these with your friends who are having their prom soon! Enjoy!

Have you started thinking about what you’re wearing to the prom? If not, read on!

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Make-Over #5: Punk pixie: Short hair that’s girl pretty

One lazy Saturday, HairInManila contributor Becca Rodriguez texted me that she was getting bored with her hair and that she wanted to get a make-over! When I asked what she had in mind, she said “I want a boy cut! Like really really short!”

My text reply: :D

This post will be about new things! A new salon in town, a new hair care brand that recently launched in the Philippines, and a new look for women who are tired of their long hair!

Read on to see what happened when Becca headed out to the new Studio Fix salon by Alex Carbonell in Greenbelt 5 for her wish of a punk pixie look!

Remember Becca’s super curly hair before? She’s back to try on a new short ‘do!

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Look of the Week: Jan 18-24, 2010

Alright! Let’s start the contest!

For this week, the winning look will receive a set of Kérastase Oléo-Relax set, the best-selling, anti-frizz control products for those with rebellious hair!

To read the rules of the contest, click here

Update: Contest is now closed! Winner is announced here

If your hair is hard to manage, you definitely will want this prize!

Submissions starts from Jan 18 and ends at Jan 24, 10pm (Monday-Sunday)

Email me your photos at

New Weekly Contest: “Look of the Week” mechanics

Hello readers! I would like to try something new and experimental!

Thanks to Patricia Prieto, I discovered and was inspired after seeing the way people made their hair and clothes work well together. I decided to create a weekly contest for HairInManila that showcases the creativity of the women and men fashionistas of the world!

* * *

The Prize

I will be giving away a special prize each week to one person chosen by the HairInManila team! You can check the side bar to find out what’s up for grabs!

In addition, the winning look will also be added to the “Looks of the Week Gallery” page where I will post all the winners of 2010!

* * *

The Rules

  1. Email me your best fashionista photo at Some examples of possible entries below.
  2. You can submit old photos from your previous parties and events!
  3. You cannot submit a photo of another person and claim the prize in his/her name.
  4. You cannot submit photos from commercial projects like a fashion brand’s ad.
  5. You can also email a brief description of what you are wearing, what your hairstyle is, where it was shot, and a link to your blog if you want to promote traffic to your site.  Clicking the images in the gallery will enlarge it, and the descriptions will be placed there.
  6. The HairInManila team will upload the best submissions of the week into a gallery (see below), and select one photo as the best look of the week! Plus points for great looking hair! :D Consolation prizes will be given to the other finalists!
  7. Oh and contest is open to anyone in the world! If you live abroad, I’ll ship the prize to you for free!

* * *

So there you have it! Hope you join cause I can’t wait to see your style and share it with the world!

Good luck!!!


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