Makeover #1: Getting an easy to maintain look

For our first official blog entry, I decided to start with something everyone loves: a makeover!

We’ve always heard about how the typical Filipina is conservative with her looks. And a couple of years ago when rebonding was the rage, it was hard to convince a girl to go for coloring or to cut her hair when every celebrity and TV commercial showed the same long black straight hair. But in recent years, people have finally begun to become more confident and experimental with their hair. Fear of color has begun to drop as celebrities like Kris Aquino and Lucy Torres-Gomez show off their radiant colored-locks.

So for this makeover story, I contacted my friend Vicky Tensuan to find someone who would go for a simple hair cut and color service. Her sister, Anna, happily accepted. I got in touch with Piandré Salon in Greenbelt 1 to do job. Let’s see what happened!


This is Anna. She wants a new look that is easy to maintain as she grows out her hair.

Vicky Tensuan writes:

In this day and age, every girl wants to have the perfect hairstyle that suits their personality and lifestyle. For my sister, Anna Abiol, she wanted something simple, versatile and needed very little maintenance.

Anna has been trying to grow out her hair. However, being the busy girl that she is, she doesn’t have the time nor the patience to maintain and style it. So to get her hair out of the way as quickly as possible, she ties up her hair in a regular ponytail. Her shoulder-length tresses had overgrown layers, which created a heavy mass of hair. Also, her attempts at do-it-yourself hair color wasn’t doing justice to her skin tone: it was too dark, and washing her complexion out. When I brought her to Piandré Salon, I wanted to give her a makeover that would give her a chic new look but easy to maintain every morning.

Our stylist’s name is Nina and her first step was to trim down Anna’s hair. Nina maintained the length but reduced the layers to make the texture look softer. The hair in the crown area, however, was cut to nose-length to reduce the over-all heaviness.

After the cut, Nina started with coloring Anna’s hair with L’Oréal Professionnel’s Majirel 7.05 (a shade of brown with a rich mahogany undertone) as the base.


Applying the base color of mahogany brown. Yup, that’s what coloring cream looks like.

Nina wasn’t satisfied yet though. She asked Anna if she would like highlights as well to add dimension to her hair. Already feeling positive with the hair cut, Anna quickly agreed. Nina proceed to separate paper thin sections of hair and placed them on use aluminum foils. She then highlighted these areas by coloring them in L’Oréal Professionnel’s Majirel light ash brown shade.


Aluminum foils are used for highlights as they are easy to handle and fold, and doesn’t react to the chemicals.

After 40 minutes, the coloring process was done. It was off to the backwash to shampoo the chemicals off. But because Anna’s hair is now sensitized (or more sensitive due to the coloring process), Nina applied a Kérastase’s Chroma Reflect masque treatment recondition the hair and bring out radiant shine.

All done! Now, look at how these three steps did wonders to her hair. Anna looks so fresh and light and her hair has never looked better!


Doesn’t she look fab?


We think so!

Photos by Aldwin Aspirella

Services by Piandré Salon in Greenbelt 1 ground floor (816-1041 / 806-2418)


8 responses to “Makeover #1: Getting an easy to maintain look

  • Beauty For A Living

    Welcome to the beauty blogging world! It’s HUGE! You’ll meet tons of new friends–all of them obsessed with beauty!

  • Jennifer Lynn Ty

    wowow! i like her haiirrr!!!!!!!!!! from before to after =) i likeeee =)

  • Mr. Hair

    Go for a new look too Jennifer! 😀

  • Pascalain Gianello

    Hey guys,

    you want to get a real good look? I am new in Manila and you can call the phone number 830 30 30 – Book an appointment with me, try me, I am quite convince that you will not regret that step. I got to build up my reputation in this part of the world and if you give me this chance, you’ll see and feel a real difference! The prices are reasonable, do not worry!

    So, I see you soon… and do not forget, bring your head!

    Sincerely yours,

    Pascalain Gianello

  • Ej

    Oh my I’ve been reading about the makeovers and the reviews as well as the pictures are really awesome! How i wish i could have my makeover too i miss growing my hair at ease…

  • Janna

    How do you choose the people you makeover? 😀

  • Birdie

    Hello Brendan,

    Dude, seriously, stop commenting on my blog with those lovey-dovey posts. Because I can tell you right now, she’s not reading them, and I’m the only one who gets to read every single comment you have been making for the last year. Me and only me! And that is seriously not cool.

    If you want to profess to her, do it somewhere else because she doesn’t read anything you write here, and I don’t take the liberty of informing her about it.

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