“Rock ‘n’ Folk” – L’Oréal Professionnel’s F/W ‘09 Collection (part 2)

Here’s part two of the F/W Collection: “Folk”, which is a sharp contrast to the rough edge of rock. These looks are more laid-back, relaxed, romantic, but still rebellious in its own way. So here are three more looks that you might be interesting for you.


“Joan”, “Janis”, “Joni”



The first look is inspired by the 1960’s activist folk-singer Joan Baez. Very easy to maintain with a cute mid-length bob cut that frames the face. To get the style, apply mousse all over and blow-dry with a large brush to get the volume.

For the color, go with Majirel 6.23 (Gold iridescent dark blond) as your base color and Majirel 5.3 (Golden light brown) as your highlights.


As always, be careful with very light hair color. It might not fit if you’re dark-skinned.


The next two looks aren’t really recommended for the Philippines. For one, they require very light Caucasian hair, which means if you want to achieve the same effect on our dark Asian hair, you’ll have to pre-lighten or bleach your black hair first. So these looks weren’t launched here, but for the sake of completeness, let me share them with you.


This one is inspired by the care-free red-headed rebel, Janis Joplin. To get the soft wild texture, the hair needs to be separated into sections and worked against the grain with straighteners. The hair is then styled upside down with a hairspray, and finally blow-dried and styled using your fingers.

The color is made with a product range called Luocolor, which isn’t available locally as it is designed for the Western market.


Love the red shade though!



And last but not the least, the last look comes from the singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell (who wrote the song “Big Yellow Taxi” which Counting Crows and Vanessa Carlton made a cover of). Blond color aside, I think the hairstyle is something that can be adapted locally. Its a nice romantic and nomadic alternative look to the usual long black sleek hair.

To get this look, ask your stylist for an asymmetric fringe on your bangs. The ends of the hair’s lengths have also been thinned out to create texture. To style, simply apply mousse and brush your hair for volume.


To get this color for our Asian hair, you’ll have to really bleach it first until it becomes pale yellow.

That concludes this year’s F/W Collection! Hope you enjoyed it (or at least the pretty visuals from L’Oréal Professionnel)!


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