“Scary Doll” – Halloween Glam looks (part 1)

Halloween is just around the corner! And I think the reason why everyone loves it so much is that it gives us the chance to have fun dressing up in costumes! But instead of just buying a pair of devil horns or dressing in black, I decided I wanted a Halloween-glam hair and make-up collection that can inspire you to come up with your own head-turning look.

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing with you the step-by-step process to get the looks. And for our first, we’ll do a “Scary Doll”!


“Will you play with me?”

* * *

To make the project possible, I called in a lot of talents from the industry. For hair, freelance stylists Borge Aloba and Raymond Santiago volunteered to do two looks each. For make-up, four artists from Shu Uemura came together. And for styling, I’m super excited that Stylebible‘s Nikki Santiago agreed to do two looks, while Marie Claire’s former fashion editor Pam Quiñones would do the others. Photography was done by Pranz Kaeno-Billones.

Since I’ve never handled a shoot before, let alone transform models into monsters, I asked my office mates to be the volunteers (at least I think they’ll forgive me if something bad happens hehehe).


The volunteer for the first look, my office mate Caro Pan.


For the make-up, Grace wanted to make everything doll-like and sweet by using lots of pink and light colors. But it will be contrasted by a creepy black mascara running down the eyes like a crying possessed toy.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_18_30_55_8110To start off, apply Shu Uemura UV Underbase all over the face and then let it set.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_18_32_59_8117Apply the foundation (Shu Face Architect 754) evenly and set with loose powder.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_18_34_18_8124Apply the white eyeshadow all over the lid and then add silver eyshadow on top of it (both from the Shu Tsumori Chisato Holiday pallete).

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_18_40_13_8160Line the eyes with a black eye-liner to make the eyes look bigger.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_18_43_40_8183Get a round brush and apply pink blush-on with a circular motion on the apple of your cheeks.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_18_49_05_8223Put big false eye lashes on top as close as possible to your real eye lash, and small false lashes on your lower lid.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_18_55_39_8268Apply pink lipstick

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_03_06_8312Get a fan brush (or a small mascara wand) and apply black waterproof mascara from the lower lid down to your cheeks to get the effect of black tears. Apply some clear gloss to make it look like you just cried.



For the hair, Borge wanted to make Caro into a blond doll with wild curly hair but without using bleaching or permanent coloring products. He also didn’t use any hair extensions.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_09_51_8341To start, spray L’Oréal Professionnel Hot Style Constructor all over the hair to protect it against heat-styling.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_13_58_8366Borge used a double-curling iron, which isn’t very commonly seen. This created a unique S-shaped curl compared to the usual O-shapes.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_25_26_8394Keep curling the hair. Note that Borge is wearing a glove as the iron is tricky to use and you might accidentally touch the hot metal.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_30_12_8410Wild curves made by the iron. Now run your hands through it to mess it up.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_30_32_8418Use a strong hold hairspray like Tecni.Art Air Fix to keep the hair’s shape in place.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_33_09_8441Tease the hair by combing the curly strands toward the scalp. This creates a very wild messy look. And don’t worry, all of this will return to normal after washing.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_35_26_8459To emphasize the doll face more, Borge tied-up the bangs and crown upward.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_37_23_8479Now its time to make Caro’s dark hair turn blond!  Borge uses temporary hair color sprays bought in local stores. Undercoat first with white.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_40_01_8509Next layer is brown!

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_42_26_8521Finally, spray gold-yellow to create highlights and dimension to the hair.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_46_03_8530All done! Now time for the clothes and the shoot!



Nikki and the Stylebible.ph crew completed the look with the following clothes and accessories!

Dress from Sassa Jimenez
Shoes from Carlos Santana at What Shoe Wearing
Fur stole from Ac+632
Necklace from Religioso
Bracelet from the stylist’s own

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_20_29_01_8597The fox is way cooler and chic than a boring teddy bear!

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_20_47_55_8661It looks great in black and white too!

And we’re done!!! Whoo hoo!!! Again, one big thanks to the following people who made it all possible! 🙂

Hair: Borge Aloba of L’Oréal Professionnel

Make-up: Grace Deang of Shu Uemura

Styling: Nikki Santiago and the Stylebible.ph

Photographs: Pranz Kaeno-Billones

Special thanks to Arlene Sy for teaching me new things about editing and fine-tuning my entries

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s second look!


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