“Mummy” – Halloween Glam looks (part 2)

Hey everyone!  Time for the second Halloween glam look!  This time, we’ll show you how to get a “Mummy” look without resorting to covering yourself in tissue paper.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_22_00_18_8948Wrapped and ready to party!



pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_18_19_25_8075My model for this one is my office mate Joanna Ruaro, who is one of the people who made this blog possible in the first place 🙂



The make-up was handled by Angelique Dinglasan (winner of the recent Shu Uemura make-up competition!). She wanted bright and colorful, Egyptian-inspired eyes, but with the rest of the face looking ghoulish and undead.  

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_18_32_04_8115Start off by putting foundation on the face and concealer on the blemishes. Dust off with loose powder to set the foundation.


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_18_36_54_8139Draw on the eyebrows with using a slanted brow brush and black brow powder.


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_18_38_41_8151Use light pink eye shadow on the lids of the eyes; covering the area until just above the brow line.


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_18_41_24_8167Intensify the eye shadow even more by layering with a reddish-pink shade.


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_18_50_12_8236Outline the eyes with black liquid eyeliner while making sure to stay close to the lash line as possible. Then, to make the eyes appear more “Egyptian,” extended the outer area exaggeratedly to elongate the eyes.


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_18_58_42_8288Make the eyes appear bigger and prettier by attaching thick black false eyelashes. Make sure that it is just above the lashes to make it appear more natural. Apply mascara to the both real and fake lashes for more realism.


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_09_27_8339Next, start applying gray/silver in the areas around the eyes, cheek, forehead and chin. Alternately, add green, maroon and a little bit of blue to give her a goulish looking pallor.


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_15_17_8370For the dry brittled look on the lips, apply the base foundation used on her face in the beginning on the lips.


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_19_16_44_8379Finally, put a bit of beige colored cream lipstick to create thickness and dryness on the lips



For the hair, Borge Aloba wanted to keep to the mummy theme by wrapping Joanna’s hair around her head and neck. And to accessorize, he’ll be covering the whole hair with dozens of hair pins.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_20_56_45_8683First, L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni.Art Full Volume mousse was used as the styling foundation.


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_20_59_14_8697The bangs and the crown then needs to be slicked down with a very strong gel like Tecni.Art Fix Max


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_21_01_28_8714Wrap the lengths of the hair down the side and around the neck (but not too tightly!).


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_21_01_45_8718This is what it’ll look like once you do it for both sides. Hold it in place with clips first. Then fix it into place by using a very strong hairspray like Tecni.Art Air Fix.


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_21_08_44_8750Place a lot of hair pins to frame the head.


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_21_18_21_8786Keep putting hair pins around the neck. This transforms the hair into a head-dress.


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_21_24_07_8807Finish up with more hairspray.


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_21_25_14_8821One last accessory! A hair net over the face adds to the Egyptian spider-mummy feel. You can’t eat lang nga :p



Clothes time! Once again, Nikki and the Stylebible.ph team did a fantastic job! 

Dress from Barba (made of pineapple fiber / piña)
Neckpiece by Joel Escober at Myth
Shoes by Monica Figueroa
Stone ring by Joyce Makitalo
Dragonfly ring from Ac+632
Tights from Stylist’s own
Skull from Ac+632

The stockings are just from the department store, and then slashed open with a car key!

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_21_44_48_8894I personally love the skull accessory and the plastic scorpions and spiders that were crawling all over the body.


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_15_21_41_36_8868Amazing photo!


Props to the artistry of the people who made it all happen! Great job guys! 🙂

Hair: Borge Aloba of L’Oréal Professionnel

Make-up: Angelique Dinglasan of Shu Uemura

Styling: Nikki Santiago and the Stylebible.ph team

Photographs: Pranz Kaeno-Billones


Two more looks to go! Hope you enjoyed this one! Will try to post the next one during the weekend.


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