“Vampire” – Halloween Glam looks (part 3)

Part 3 of the Halloween collection! This time, we’ll do one of the most popular, classic monsters of all time, the Vampire!

But for this look (and the last one tomorrow), a new set of artists have volunteered to show off their talents. Also, I invited one of my favorite bloggers, Frances Amper of www.topazhorizon.com and www.beautyforaliving.com to help write this step-by-step guide. Thanks Frances for taking time off from your super busy schedule! 🙂


Skip the cliched cape, powder white skin, and fake fangs and be as mysterious and dangerous as a vampire should be!


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_17_57_41_9251My model for this story is one of my most confident, outgoing and go-getter office mates, Maureen Dabao.


Frances Amper writes:


The look we were going for was inspired by the glamorous and sexy vampires of the Underworld, not the sparkly and angsty ones from Twilight. So Shu Uemura makeup artist Mickey See said you don’t have to pile on the white foundation. What’s important here is the flawless finish.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_18_31_28_9277Start things off by applying foundation and powder that cover imperfections.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_18_39_14_9308For the eyes, apply a dark violet shadow all over the upper lids.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_18_41_15_9322Then blend it with a deep pink shadow on the lower lids.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_18_42_26_9332On top of that, carefully blend purple, blue and black shadows to create the most vivid and dramatic smoky eye.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_19_00_29_9432Long false lashes will always give you that added sense of mystery.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_19_00_58_9435Curl the lashes and apply two coats of black mascara. This will help open up the eyes.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_19_07_18_9472Use black eye-liners to further bring out the intensity of the eyes. Note that the model is wearing brown contact lenses here.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_20_13_23_9704As a vampire, you should look like you had just had a bloody dinner, so your lips need to be alarmingly red! As a bonus, it’s also the shade that makes your teeth extra bright and white so there’s no need to put on fake fangs!



Since our inspiration is the sleek Underworld vampires, L’Oréal Professionnel’s hairstylist Raymond Santiago decided to make the hairstyle simple yet very striking.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_19_59_50_9641If you don’t have a natural widows peak, it is very easy to create one. Using a brush dipped in black eye shadow, just mark the middle of your forehead, about half an inch from your hairline. Use a guide like masking tape or calling cards to create a V-shape.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_20_00_18_9646Fill in with black shadow, all the way and even beyond your hairline.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_20_07_41_9688 Spray the hair with water. You can also be fresh from the shower but hair must be towel-dried damp, not dripping wet.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_20_03_53_9668Apply a generous amount of L’Oréal Professionnel’s Texture Expert Aqua Sleek. This product keeps your hair looking wet without the stiffness of gel or the oiliness of hair oil or serum.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_20_08_58_9691Comb back hair, away from the face and cascading down your back. This simple style allows the focus to be on the dramatic makeup but its not without its own glamor!



Time for the clothes and the shoot! Marie Claire’s former fashion editor and Preview’s 2009 Best Dressed, Pam Quiñones, lends her edgy, rock chic style to our model with some head-turning pieces!

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_20_10_49_9695Seriously sexy black outfit! Dress by Culte Femme; accessories and shoes, stylist’s own.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_21_41_32_9830Why are vampires always so hot?

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_21_43_24_9838Do you dare take a bite?

Hair: Raymond Santiago of L’Oréal Professionnel

Make-up: Mickey See of Shu Uemura

Styling: Pam Quiñones

Photographs: Pranz Kaeno-Billones

Written by guest blogger Frances Amper of www.topazhorizon.com and www.beautyforaliving.com

One more to go! Will post it as soon as possible! Aren’t you excited for Halloween yet? 😀


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