“Werewolf” – Halloween Glam looks (part 4)

The final look in this series!

Since we showed a vampire look, it is only natural that we feature their Hollywood nemesis, Werewolves! Once again, guest blogger Frances Amper wrote the step-by-step process below.

Happy Halloween readers! 🙂

_pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_20_40_32_9725_cropped_editedThis look requires lots of hair, fur and attitude! Roaaarrr!!!


pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_17_50_01_9231My last model is my office friend, Nadine Henson!


Frances Amper writes:


Compared to all the previous looks, the make-up and hairstyling for Nadine was done simulataneously as the hair part needed a quite a bit of time, so I hope you don’t get confused by the photos jumping back and forth!

For the make-up, Shu Uemura artist Angie Cruz says she wanted to make a she-wolf look that is earthy and brown, and evoked wildness.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_18_28_02_9262Start by using a foundation darker than your skin tone to hide imperfections. Overload on the bronzer by sweeping it across the cheeks and forehead.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_18_35_37_9290Use a darker powder on the hallows of your cheeks, the inner eyes and along the side of the nose. This contouring elongates the face and gives the illusion of a snout.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_18_58_30_9421 But this doesn’t mean you should have whiskers! Instead, use feathery faux golden lashes that brush against cheeks alluringly. Since all eyes will be on the lashes, create a dramatic smokey effect with heavy layers of brown and blacks.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_19_03_04_9449Complete the eyes with black eye-liner for a truly intense look.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_19_21_31_9518With all the drama going on with your eyes (and hair! But that’s coming up next!), keep the lips natural and glossy.



Wolves may have sleek fur but for our werewolf, L’OrĂ©al Professionnel hairstylist Raymond Santiago created masses of tight curls to imitate a thick pelt. But he took it a step further and went for a seriously frizzy, almost-afro hair, to create a truly wild look.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_18_36_13_9294First, prep hair with Tecni.Art Hot Style Constructor to protect the hair from the heat styling that will follow.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_18_40_17_9316Create tight curls with the top of the hair by using ordinary wire. Fold the wire into a V, then take about a quarter of an inch of hair and wrap and twist tightly around the wire.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_18_52_10_9390Keep braiding each area around the top of your hair. Once it has been twisted, place the wired hair between the hot plates of a straightening iron for a few seconds for fast and intense curling.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_19_01_37_9439Leave the braids alone for now.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_19_07_36_9474Gather the rest of the hair and twist it into a tight knot. Use strong hold hairspray like L’Oreal Professionnel Air Fix to secure everything into place.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_19_44_08_9561After about 20 minutes, carefully unwrap your hair from the wire.

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_19_46_18_9573Separate the strands with your hands. The masses of released curls will result in unbelievable volume!

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_19_47_15_9580Attach a clip-on curly faux hair (or real human hair if you can afford it!) near the top of your head. One can do for this look….

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_19_47_55_9583….but Raymond decides to use two!!! Whoo hoo!

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_19_52_14_9614Part hair in the middle and secure that part with more hairspray.



Once again, Pam Quiñones shows us her rock chic styling with fur, boots, and snake-skin patterned gloves!

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_20_49_54_9742Werewolf jacket and top by Ralph Ng. Accessories and boots, stylist’s own

pranz_kaeno_2009_10_16_20_38_25_9723Now you’re ready to devour some men!

Hair: Raymond Santiago of L’Oréal Professionnel

Make-up: Angie Cruz of Shu Uemura

Styling: Pam Quiñones

Photographs: Pranz Kaeno-Billones

Written by guest blogger Frances Amper of www.topazhorizon.com and www.beautyforaliving.com


Hope you enjoyed this series! 🙂 If you have any suggestions for future stories, just drop me a message at hairinmanila@gmail.com – Mr. Hair


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