Make-Over #3: From Bohemian Long to Chic Short

I remember a few years ago when my girlfriend was moving to her new job in the media industry and decided to go for a new look by cutting off her long black hair. At first, she was really apprehensive about it. After all, if it didn’t work out, there was no turning back! Fortunately though, the result was fantastic and she looked great with her new chic hair style.

(On a side note, the first thing her friends asked her was if we broke up :p Do all women change their looks when they break up?)

For my next entry, I wanted to do a long-to-short hair cut make-over. Becca Rodriguez quickly replied to my text to tell me that her friend, Nina Laurel, wanted to volunteer! So I scheduled her for a visit to the Jesi Mendez’s Salon in Promenade with Becca accompanying her to document the experience.

Hopefully, this story can help those of you readers who are still undecided if you want to try a short look to go for it and chop it all off 🙂

Nina has had long hair for a long time! Time for a new ‘do!

* * *

Becca Rodriguez writes:

Sculptors shape new ways of thinking aesthetically using various materials into unique forms. For example, American post-pop artist Jeff Koons and his stainless steel rabbit sculpture or British artist Sarah Lucas with her “sly wit” Au Naturel installation with a stained mattress representing physical forms of men and women.

For sculptor Nina Laurel, she personally sees that each artwork, from design to installation, the painstaking details are tweaked into perfection. Even Luis Katigbak of UNO magazine describes her work as “breathtaking alien beauty” that captures ultra-modern and ethereal desires, plastic dreams and more.

As a sculptor with a Bohemian vibe going on, Nina prefers the no-frills low-maintenance lifestyle. While working, her long, wavy hair is always kept in a simple pony tail. But today, the sculptor will be sculpted by another artist as we headed over to Jesi Mendez Salon & Café at Promenade in Greenhills for her brand new look.

Since Nina has an amazing square jaw line, senior hairdresser Ivan Miranda agreed that cutting her hair short will suit her face shape perfectly. He explained that he will cut the back short and leave the hair near her ears long to frame her face. Plus, the new hair cut will also be easy to maintain for her creative lifestyle.

Ivan starts sectioning the hair and gets to work

I have to admit that I was pretty nervous at first for Nina’s makeover because she’s always had long hair as far as I can remember. But then in life, we have to take chances and embrace new opportunities with wild cards in sight.

So, as soon as Ivan was being the scissor wizard chopping Nina’ hair off, she freaked out and said, “Woah, that’s a lot of hair on the floor.” But as soon as we assured her that looking good so far, a sigh of relief was in the air.

Half-way done! She looks so much lighter with less hair covering her.

To add oomph, Ivan suggested having a color service as well. He wanted to give the hair more personality and dimension by using L’Oréal Professionnel’s Majirel mahogany irridescent light brown as the base and golden blonde for the highlights.

Then, Jesi Mendez make-up artist Nesty Espiritu did his thing with acid green eye shadow and glitter, which definitely trampled Lady Gaga’s Kermit look.

It took a while for Nina’s new look to sink in. But with that sweet and alluring smile of acceptance, like that Rolling Stones song “she’s like a rainbow”, she was off to a brand new life in the chic lane.  And the word “Wow!” just about sums it all up, which goes with all the “oohs and aahs” from her friends.

Now, that’s sculptural beauty that radiates inside-out.

Group photo with Mr. Jesi Mendez, Ivan Miranda and Nesty Espiritu 🙂

* * *

Photos by Daemon Becker

Services by Jesi Mendez Salon & Café at the Promenade Mall (727-7641, 994-0534 and 703-3864)


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