Make-Over #4: Get the look – Lauren Conrad

I know I shouldn’t be “working” during the holidays, but I don’t really consider this blog as work 🙂

For this story, I was thinking of making one of those “get the celebrity looks” story you usually see in the magazines. I got in touch with Agoo if she had any celebrity in mind and she replied excitedly, “Lauren Conrad from The Hills!” Even better, she already had a colleague ready to volunteer.

(Disclaimer, I’ve never watched that show, so I had no idea who Lauren Conrad was. A quick google and I was quickly up to date :p )

As to who would do the look, the first one that came to mind was that quaint salon in Makati where stars like Lucy Torres trust all their hair needs: Hairworks Salon. A quick call to the owner, Jasmine Lisbona, and a schedule was set!

With Agoo documenting the make-over, let’s see what happened!

Our volunteer model: Anna Canlas is the Editorial Assistant of Preview magazine

* * *

Agoo Bengzon writes:

The boho braid fits The Hills’ heroine to a tee—here’s how you can get the same trendy tresses for yourself

Once we got to Hairworks Salon, stylist Chrissy Calderon-Uy greeted us and was so excited that she wasted no time in asking us about the details of the challenge. After a short discussion, Chrissy and the entire Hairworks team brought out their tools, placed on their aprons, and got ready to do what they did best!

Anna already had colored hair, but the regrowth was already showing so it needed a retouch. Chrissy also wanted to give her softer highlights to give some dimension and depth into her hair.

1-SECTIONINGAssisted by stylist Dennis Agaton, Chrissy began to section Anna’s hair in order to determine where exactly the highlights should be placed


Chrissy chose iridescent ash and dark blond shades from L’Oréal Professionnel’s Majirel line for the highlights. She says, “These would look really natural against Anna’s strong colored hair which had a deep blond hue.” She also went the extra mile by having Anna’s eyebrows lightened as well to match her locks.

HIGHLIGHTS (processing time)Since Anna’s roots are already newly grown virgin hair, Chrissy must carefully select and mix the right products to be able to match the color of the lengths to the roots. In the hands of someone inexperienced, the worst thing that could happen is to see a clear demarcation line between the two. Luckily, Chrissy is a veteran colorist!

3-TOUCH UP OF ROOTSTime to color the roots! A little hair fact: hair grows at an average of 1cm per month. Anna had her hair colored around 1 and a half months ago.


Stylist Rey Amorin gave Anna a cut that would complement her new color and also help bring out the layers even more. Amorin explains, “Lauren’s blond hair really brings out the layers in there. But for us dark-haired Asians, its not as easy, so we have to bring out the layers with the help of strategic highlights and a good cut.”


While make-up artist Edgar Dominguez gave Anna a fresh, youthful look, Dennis began styling the hair with a large-barreled curling iron to create soft, natural-looking waves. He also did a loose braid on each side of Anna’s head and then connected them at the back to mimic Lauren’s sweet and chic boho look.

AFTERAnd there you have it! With hair just like Lauren Conrad, Anna rocks the look with her jeans and fur top!

* * *

Photos by Paolo Pineda

Services by Hairworks Salon at the BSA Tower (across Greenbelt 5) on Legaspi St., Legaspi Village, Makati (888-4817 to 19)


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