Salon Review: Making waves at Lee Chul Hair KerKer Salon

Another Korean salon franchise arrives in the Philippines, and this time it doesn’t hide its presence with its huge building along Makati Avenue!

The new Lee Chul Hair KerKer Salon opened around 2 months ago and has been steadily gathering customers and introducing them to their brand of Korean hairstyles. You can find out more about the KerKer story in their website here.

I invited Agoo to visit the salon and do a review of their services, particularly their perm which they claim is their specialty. But Agoo wasn’t feeling adventurous enough to go for a perm, so she brought a friend instead to get a digital perm service.

The 1st floor is for regular customers; the 2nd has the VIP rooms; the 3rd is a training academy

* * *

Agoo Bengzon writes:

There’s a noticeably new, tall, and eye-catching structure on Makati Avenue—Lee Chul Hair KerKer, a salon franchise from fashion and beauty forward Seoul, Korea just opened, and is already fast making waves. This spacious three-story building with pristine white walls and decadent touches like chandeliers and ornately carved chairs features two floors of salon space. The first floor is where cutting and styling are done. On the second floor, there are treatment rooms such as the Kérastase Spa Room where one can choose from a bevy of hair treatment cocktails designed for every hair concern imaginable. The best part? Trained Korean stylists will give you an edgy cut and style using only the best tools and machines (most of which are from Korea) at budget-friendly rates.

High ceiling and chandeliers gives the salon a very relaxing and elegant feel

Ground floor styling stations

2nd floor styling stations

2nd floor private Kérastase rooms

Curls continue to dominate both the runways and red carpets these days, and we’re seeing an emphasis on the “natural” take on this ever-evolving trend shine through. KerKer’s Hair Designer Maya and Bryan worked their magic on young lawyer Claire Ann Factor’s hair by giving her waves that not only looked like she was born with them but were also easy to maintain. Here’s a step by step account of what happened:

We gave a young lawyer the curls of her dreams

According to Maya, Claire’s hair was on the “heavy” side. She had way too much bulk on the crown area, and also needed some thinning prior to the digital perm that was going to be performed on her mane. Bryan started by prepping Claire’s rather thick hair by washing her hair with Kérastase Bain Oléo-Relax shampoo to make it smoother.

Feeling refreshed after the shampoo and head massage

Maya starts shaping Claire’s hair into a more manageable shag.

Claire’s hair is dried halfway so that a treatment product can be applied afterwards.

Maya and Bryan went the extra mile by addressing the problem of too much volume on Claire’s crown area. In order to turn the volume down by a tad bit, they used L’Oréal’ Professionnel’s X-Tenso to relax the root area to give Claire sleeker strands, and to also help assure her that the waves would not look too bouffant.

After the X-Tenso product is rinsed off, L’Oréal Professionnel’s Wonder Wave solution is applied onto strategic sections of hair. The digital perming machine is  then hooked up to the rollers. Waiting time was a mere 7 minutes for the perming solution, then 3 minutes for the neutralizer.

Maya then applies Kérastase Oléo-Curl Crème onto Claire’s damp hair to give further definition to her waves and also keep frizz at bay. While blow-drying Maya says, “Its best to skip the brush and not completely dry your hair. Leave it 30% wet, and allow it to dry naturally on its own so that the curls look soft and shiny.”

The finished result! Claire is really happy with her ultra-soft O-shaped waves. “I’ve always wanted this! This is the first time I’ve had permanent curls, and I love it!”

All in all, the visit to KerKer was really pleasurable. The staff are very courteous and professional, the service was quick and convenient, and their affordable services is something to check-out. I give Ker Ker Salon the following scores:

Ambiance: 5/5

Service: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

* * *

Photos by Jun Pinzon

Lee Chul Hair KerKer Salon is at #1 Constellation St., cor. Makati Ave (403-3728 to 29)


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