“Classic” – Prom Collection (Part 2)

For the second prom look, I wanted something to contrast the first strong, edgy look. Something for those girls that are more reserved and quiet. The creative team decided to create a classic look that is not faddish and is very feminine.

The Classic look gives you a mature elegance despite being in your teens

* * *

Our model is the statuesque, Giulia Zahar

* * *


Borge Aloba makes a very easy to do hair style for this look with the help of a small hair iron and hair spray. Start off by spraying L’Oréal Professionnel’s Tecni.Art Hot Style Constructor all over the hair as your styling base. This will protect it from the heat while making it easy to style.

Take 2-inch sections of hair. The sectioning should start from the hair near the nape then work upwards. With a flat iron, iron sections of the hair from the roots to mid-length of hair.

At the ends, curve the iron at an angle to create a flip. Do this to the ends of each section.

Repeat for every section of the hair until all the lengths are smooth, and the ends are flipped.

This is the effect you are after

For the front of the hair, take sections and curl the ends to the sides of the hair.

If you have bangs, do the same technique for that Farrah Fawcet effect.

To finish off, spray the whole head with L’Oréal Pofessionnel Air Fix so that the styling will hold

* * *


Kusie Ho’s make-up goal is something very clean and natural. Not a lot of complexity in the eyes, but a very strong emphasis on the lips.

Begin by applying the right concealer under the eyes to hide the eye bags and dark spots. Make sure the concealer is one tone higher than the foundation you will use.

Put foundation all over the face that fits your skin tone. Then apply press powder to achieve a matte finish.

As much as possible no color eye shadow will be use to achieved classic look. You can stick with the base color or just use one shade of eye shadow. In this case, Maybelline’s Eye Studio 01 Copper Brown was used.

Highlight the eyes with Maybelline’s black felt eye liner. Make the lash line a little bit thicker and extend it beyond the eye line

Use Maybelline’s white pencil on lower liner of the eyes so that the eyes will become soft and alive.

Curl the lashes

Define the lashes with a volumizing mascara

Apply Maybelline’s Watermelon blush on the cheeks.

Emphasize the eyebrows by using black color liner.

Apply a lipstick that is very red

Would you believe she’s still in high school? She looks gorgeous!

* * *


Bianca Santiago goes for a dress that is very simple in details but is strong in color; which is actually a great match against Giulia’s fair skin.

Asymmetrical dress (used as top) and black tulle skirt from Glitterati
Silver necklace with dragon fly pendant and earrings from schu
Black bow clutch from Aranaz
Belt, stylist’s own

Feminine, reserved, mysterious. If that’s what you’re after, then this look might be for you.

Move the hair from the back to the front and twist for this effect. Use hairspray to keep the shape intact for the whole night

* * *

Again, credits to the following artists who made it all possible! One last look tomorrow! 😀

Hair by Borge Aloba of L’Oréal Professionnel

Make-up by Kusie Ho of Maybelline New York

Styling by Bianca Santiago of Chalk Magazine

Photography by Daemon Becker of Pioneer Studios


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