“Boho” – Prom Collection (Part 3)

For the last prom look, here’s a little something for those who want to be more relaxed and whimsical! The boho look is all about looking like you didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about the prom while still being an eye-catcher.

Soft colors and textures for the dress, make-up and hair are the key to pulling this off

* * *

The last model for the collection is the slender Kc Espeleta Carstensen

* * *


Borge Aloba will be focusing on creating folk-inspired soft waves and braids for Kc. Since he’ll be using the hair iron a lot, he starts things off by spraying the hair with L’Oréal Professionnel’s Tecni.Art Hot Style Constructor, a protective heat-styling base.

Braid large sections of hair. Smaller and tighter braids will create a frizzy effect and you don’t want that here.

Keep braiding until all the hair at the back are all twisted in nicely.

Take all the front hair and braid it as well.

Using a hot iron, press against all parts of all the braided hair for a few seconds. The heat and the styling product will shape the hair into nice curls later.

Blow-dry the hair with cool air to lock in the waves. We then leave the braids on for around 10 minutes, so let’s proceed to the make-up first!

* * *


Kusie Ho avoids strong colors for the boho look. His aim is for a natural look that blends well with the skin tone of the model.

Apply concealer first on the face

Next is foundation that fits your skin tone

For the eyes, Kusie uses Maybelline’s Eye Studio 01 Copper Brown Diamond Glow palette

Use the darkest shade in the eye shadow palette to highlight the outer edge to emphasize the shape of the eyes.

Curl those lashes

Define the lashes with Maybelline’s mascara and highlight the eye lids with black felt eye liner

Color the eyebrows first with a base coat of dark brown shade

Then highlight the eye brows with a lighter shade to give it more dimension

Create a stronger nose contour by shading the edge a bit with dark brown too, but don’t overdo it!

Apply Maybelline’s creamy cinnamon blush on the cheeks, and finish up with Maybelline’s Water Shine Pure 201 Natural as your lipstick shade.

* * *

Hair (continued)

Okay! Going back to the hair now! Release the braids and see the beautiful soft waves you made!

Now we want to create that “hippie” look. Begin braiding the hair again.

Connect the two large braid sections together at the end using small bands.

Take a small, thin section of hair and braid it.

Curve it across the back and clip it to the other side.

Do it one more time, but with a medium size section. Again, clip to the other side.

Bring the biggest braid accent out to make sure it isn’t covered. Spray with a flexible hold hairspray like L’Oréal Professionnel’s Elnett, and you’re done!

* * *


Bianca keeps Kc’s look stylishly relaxed with this simple, colorful dress

Long gown from Azucar
Silver necklace from Cru
Earrings from Aldo

Prom night is all about being relaxed and having fun! And boho is the way to go!

The hair looks very textured and care-free ruffled. No worries about messing your hair up on your big night!

(Side note: the waves have straightened out again. I think a soft hold mousse or hair spray at the beginning of part 2 should have been applied to keep the shape)

* * *

And that’s it for the prom collection! 😀 Thank you again to everyone, especially Bianca and Chalk Magazine for making this come true 😀

Hair by Borge Aloba of L’Oréal Professionnel

Make-up by Kusie Ho of Maybelline New York

Styling by Bianca Santiago of Chalk Magazine

Photography by Daemon Becker


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