Make-Over #5: Punk pixie: Short hair that’s girl pretty

One lazy Saturday, HairInManila contributor Becca Rodriguez texted me that she was getting bored with her hair and that she wanted to get a make-over! When I asked what she had in mind, she said “I want a boy cut! Like really really short!”

My text reply: 😀

This post will be about new things! A new salon in town, a new hair care brand that recently launched in the Philippines, and a new look for women who are tired of their long hair!

Read on to see what happened when Becca headed out to the new Studio Fix salon by Alex Carbonell in Greenbelt 5 for her wish of a punk pixie look!

Remember Becca’s super curly hair before? She’s back to try on a new short ‘do!

* * *

Becca Rodriguez writes:

When Rolling Stones’ goddess Marianne Faithfull performed ‘Something Better’ at the Rock and Roll Circus, she looked like an angel in her black gown and Pixie hair. This trend, a very flapper or 1920s rebellious vibe that is gorgeous yet classic was also made popular by supermodel Twiggy and even Andy Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick. Since then, Hollywood A-list celebrities from Audrey Hepburn to Winona Ryder and even Rihanna dig this ultra-feminine boy haircut, which is glam and modern.

The last time I had über-short hair was during college because of the Felicity craze when Keri Russell chopped off her long curly locks into a boy cut. But, after my rebonding session last October, I felt so restless with my ever-changing hair. I had to get a haircut every month! Being in hair limbo is not a great thing. So, I finally had the guts to get a pixie cut á la Halle Berry to update my look.

So, I headed over to Studio Fix. Alex Carbonell, the creative director, is the brain behind the modern yet minimalist salon. With its chartreuse interiors and architectural ornamentation details, this is where he offers his legendary cuts and color services plus treatments. His celebrity clientele include: Bianca Gonzales, Isabel Daza, Georgina Wilson, Diether Ocampo and Dennis Trillo, to name a few.

I love how this experimental salon caters to the client’s needs. Perhaps it was my first time to see flight-attendant-like trolleys, reclining shampoo chairs and personalized spa kit, which comes in a canvas bag that includes bath robe, towels and hair cut robe with sleeve holes for a comfortable and hygienic salon experience. Not to mention being served Segafredo coffee!

The reception counter has a very eye-catching wallpaper

The styling stations each has a spa kit with bath robes and towels

The backwash area

* * *

The Hair Cut

When Alex saw my hair, he knew that it had been rebonded exactly three months ago . He suggested I get a Flapper Bob cut. His vision was a very ’20s look like Audrey Tautou in the flick Amelie. “It’s a more natural and modern interpretation of a mod classic”.

Alex starts off with the precision cut, focusing on the short textured fringe and slightly outgrown layers over the ear.

Snip snip snip!

Then, he works his magic by controlling the growing curls by personalizing the cut making it fall the way it should be.

I don’t know why but this is the most exciting hairstyle I have ever had in my life! Maybe because I wasn’t able to achieve Pixie Punk look when I had curly hair but I felt like Julia Roberts when she played Tinkerbell in Hook.

* * *

The Hair Treatment

After my cut, I was able to try a multi-sensory experience thanks to Pureology. This is a brand pioneered by Jim Markham who revolutionized color hair care by infusing it with 100 percent vegan ingredients and free from sulfate. Perfect for color treated hair! Expect Pureology products to contain an antifade complex, organic botanicals and concentrated formulas with the promise of long-lasting hair color.

“Pureology is a brand all about wellness and the well-being of oneself,” says Wilmer Cu, Junior Retail and Training Manager for Pureology. “We want our customers to be pampered with our vegan and organic products that contain AntiFade Complex of potent antioxidants, sunscreens, and other color preserving UV protectorants, all of which promise to extend life and vibrancy of hair color.”

My treatment started with choosing an essential oil for the aromatherapy burner; I chose lavender for a relaxing vibe.

Once the treatment began, they used the Hydrate range HydraCure and ShineMax for my dry, color-treated hair.

The two treatments are combined with each other and applied on my damp hair.

I love their head massage!

While the steamer was on, I was given arm and back massage, which sent me to a blissful dream-like state.

After rinsing off the treatment, ever cheerful Alex gave me one last blow-dry to style my hair

* * *

The Result

Feeling giddy with silky-soft hair and remarkable shine topped with a tousled R-Patz vibe going on.

The strength of my new look is that it can be worn styled smooth or textured with or without hair products and all styling can be done with the fingertips.

As the song goes, “you know there’s got to be something better” ─ goodbye to Rapunzel-like locks and hello to the cropped cut. Now, all I need is a rock band.

* * *

Photos by Pranz Kaeno-Billones

Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell is located at Level 4, Greenbelt 5, Makati City (501-3062 or 64;

Hair cut by Alex is P1,200 and Pureology service starts at P1,550 to P2,600 depending on hair length and if you want the mist machine or not.


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