Salon Review: A Colorful Day at Franck Provost Studio

With all the high-end development in Taguig these days, it is only natural that a high-end salon will follow. Enter Franck Provost Studio at the Fort! It has only been around for a year, but it has been getting a steady stream of clientele thanks to the creative direction of its head French director and its highly trained staff.

HairInManila contributor Vicky Tensuan sets up an appointment to give us a review of the salon’s services! Let’s take a look inside!

The façade of the Franck Provost

* * *

Vicky Tensuan writes

I am a beauty junkie. I come from a family of beauty junkies. So, when there are salon reviews to be done, I jump right in without any hesitation.

I have been to dozens and dozens of salons in my lifetime, both here and abroad. With many of them, I get carried away with the ambiance and then get extremely disappointed with the skills of their stylists. At the end of the day, it is not the soothing, relaxing vibe or the high-tech imported salon chairs that would make me want to come back; the stylists are the salon’s main bloodline—have one very good one and rest assured that clients will keep coming back for more.

I must admit that the Franck Provost Studio was not easy to find (the Deutsche Bank building is your landmark). Parking was easy and its location, despite it being in the midst of a business district, does not find you swamped with cars and pedestrians.

I enter the salon and immediately got enveloped in a sea of stark black and pristine white. It had a very modern feel to it, but despite that I immediately felt cozy (bonus points to its cleanliness!). The ceiling was high and windows made up for the entire wall of the salon. Also, I liked how natural light streamed in the salon.

The Franck Provost Studio view from the top

I met Laurent Hebert, the salon’s manager, and my assigned stylist. I liked the fact that he was French, which may mean that he could be more experimental without going over the top. The way he looked at my hair made me nervous: it was a washed out shade of dark blond—a shade I nonetheless insisted on months beforehand in time for the Christmas Holidays. It looked good then, but…

The consultation process begins (aka, the scrutiny, the analysis and the recommendation).

“The color of your hair is washing you out,” he remarked. No wonder. Weeks before that I was asked quite a number of times if I was sick; I obviously looked it. “You need to use warm tones on your hair, to complement your pale skin tone.”

I was also introduced to Dhuke Fernandez, the salon’s senior stylist and colorist. I was starting to like this. Together, they critically examined the current state of my hair and discussed possible colors that would suit my skin tone and hair texture. All the available shades were shown to me (which shades fit me, which don’t) to make the necessary selection and matching depending on the client’s need.

The L’Oréal Color Bar is where they do consultations of all things related to color technical for the hair.

A wide selection of hair colors.

Dhuke applied the base color in attempt to cover the hideous mistake I had committed just a few months ago. While he used the L’Oréal Hi Richesse in Macchiato 4,15, I couldn’t help but feel like a coffee concoction. After rinsing, Dhuke felt a bit more experimental—he applied Majirel Golden Mahogany in 5.35 only to my overgrown bangs and added streaks of more color using Majililft 12.11 ash mixed with Majirel Mix Bleu. The cocktail is shades lighter than the base, and reason for this is that he wanted to “lift” the face, to put more attention to it, by lightening that area, as well as to add extra dimension. That’s a good point there if I ever saw one.

My hideous before picture with orangey/blonde hair color

Mixing up the base color


For highlights, sections of hair are applied with color and wrapped in foil to let the hair absorb the color ever more

Tools and products of the coloring trade

Laurent “fixed” my bangs in a concave style: shorter in the middle as it cascades in longer on the sides. To say the effect was beautiful, especially after blow drying, is an understatement.

Laurent blow-dried my hair in way that’s easy for me to imitate when I’m home to get the same salon-results

“Come outside to see the color of your hair,” says Laurent. Despite the salon’s natural light interior, it does make a big difference if the client does take a good look at the finished product right in the glory of the sun. So, we grabbed a mirror, stepped outside and loved what I saw. The color did make me look younger (not a fan of Botox) and enhanced my complexion. All the colors blended really well and naturally, if I may say so.

The much better looking ‘after’ photo: new base color in a rich brown topped with a golden red intensified with ash on the bangs.

With my overall experience, from the salon vibe to, most importantly, the skills of the stylists, I give the Franck Provost Studio a ten over ten, a five star rating, as I now flaunt my deep-chocolate-with-golden-mahogany-topped-with-intensified-ash crowning glory.

* * *

Photos by Pranz Kaeno-Billones

Franck Provost Studio is located at Shop H Net Quad Building, 30th Street corner 31st, Crescent Park, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (401-6870; 856-9569; closed on Sundays)

Laurent’s hair cut for women is P1,200 and coloring services start at P900.


21 responses to “Salon Review: A Colorful Day at Franck Provost Studio

  • Sexist Stay-at-home Dad



    Answer: You know, it doesn’t take a hair stylist to figure this out.

  • Pearl

    I love her hair! Prices, please. 🙂 Thanks. I’m on the hunt for a good salon to color and cut my hair. 🙂

  • Cas

    Wow looks like i’ve found my saloon. Will be definitely going there once I get to Manila next month 🙂

  • chris lee jabines

    hey how can i post this blog on my wall in fb?

  • Birdie

    Copy the URL link 🙂 and post that in facebook as a link

  • rose chantal

    I beg to disagree the price of french stylist is P1452 and the color starts from P1460. i have the brochure coming from the salon. In addition, 3-4 months ago there is a circulation going around in our office – Deutsche Bank. This Senior hairstylist ruined the hair of their client which is a wife of a CEO in my company. So we were advised not to go there anymore because of that. From my experienced of going this salon, the people who worked inside the salon are smelly because they smoked to death and when inside the salon you can really smell them — very bad!

    I hope this comment of mine will serve as a guide to all.

    Thank you.

    • laurent

      hi,this laurent ,manager of franck provost studio,

      first at all.thank you so much ,for the nice words on your blog about the salon,been 1 years now we work hard and make effort for give the best of what we can do…………

      all my staff want to be much as competent as they can……… one is perfect and its with imperfection we can correct think i guess…………

      mistake ,can be done time to time…..i don’t know any parlor as today didn’t make a mistake……….

      but thank you so much Marie rose for this great information ,i will make sure think will be arrange soon as possible……….

      nice and thank you to put attention on our salon that will make us advance………..


  • chris lee jabines

    thanks birdie i did it

    @rose: as oppose to your post…been to the salon so many times…in fact i do my hair color and styling there monthly…so far they treating me so well and keep making me look good…and that French hair stylist has a name He is Laurent Hebert and HE IS THE MAN! The Guro in Hairstyling and Coloring…just a question have you been there? to the salon? have you tried it your self? dont tell me ur a kind of person who do things just because other people is telling you to do so? or you a kind of person who believe to rumors without verifying it against reality?

  • Jenn

    I had a haircut at this salon around July last year. I must say that it has been a really great experience. Price is a little steep for me because I’m still starting in the working-pro world but if money is not an object to me, I’ll make this my regular go-to salon.

  • Kate

    super galing too their eyebrow threading… ask for ate juliette…

  • Velma Villaroman

    i’m one of the winners at the TNG Badminton tournament and would like to know what about the details on “Style Exoquis” service.

  • Aiza

    Hi. How much did you spend for the entire hair coloring? Thanks!

  • glenn quiozon

    im also working in the same name under franck provost dubai.currently im assigning in dubai marina branch since i start in franck way back 2005 untill this time.actually im planning to move for good in my own country in philippines.but i need to find job so im looking for the same brand where im working now which is franck provost.can anyone send me an email to my email address to know if thiers is an availble position for a hair stylist…thanx and best regards glenn

  • mariz calabia

    hi…can they do hair rebonding? how much? can someone give me prices?

  • Celina b.

    Good day! May I know how much you spent on your hair color? If youre nt comfy telling it on public you can just send an email. I would really appreciate it. Thanksss

    • HIM Girls

      Hi Celina!

      Colour services vary in price depending on the salon. Starting price for short hair full colouring is usually at 1,200. 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  • Cathy Manalang

    I have tried Frank Provost before when they had their first Salon in Alabang, and it was a great experience. Now finding out that they have a branch just walking distance from my office, I will definitely go there Tomorrow!


  • mari

    Hi, I want to try to have a hair cut by Mr. Laurent Hubert,how can i contact him? My hair is coarse and thick =( it also got dry when i had my cellophane which is far from my natural hair color. need some help . Thanks =)

    • HIM Girls


      Laurent is currently in Franck Provost Studio in the Fort. 🙂 you should have your hair diagnosed by a hairdresser, that way you’ll be given the best treatment for your hair.

      HIM Girls

  • Glenn Quiozon

    Good day everyone at franck provost Global City of name is glenn,im working in dubai for the past 8 years at franck provost im planning to go back to manila in august start my new career in my own country. And im please to look for a new place to wor with.and of course i choice franck provost.i like the standard and working abilities of franck provost so im happy to continue my passion in hair if they hired me.thank you so regards glenn.

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