Make-Over #7: Breathing new life to mature locks

Hello HairInManila readers!

If this blog had sound, you’d now be surprised that a girl greets you and not Birdie. Let me introduce myself. I’m Y2, a Management Trainee handling PR for the Professional Products division (a.k.a. the salon division) here in L’ Oréal. Things have been crazy busy around the office, and I’ll be helping Birdie out with this blog now.

Since this blog is about hair, let me tell you a bit about mine. In the three months I’ve worked here, I’ve had four haircuts, a rebonding, a color change, and countless shampoo and treatment testings. Never has my hair been given this much attention and care! It continues to be a fun and interesting “hair journey” so far, and maybe someday I’ll share more with you. 🙂

For this make-over, Agoo Bengzon follows and writes about her own mom, Mariasun Azcuna! Like Mariasun, many women want to maintain their healthy and luscious locks as they grow older. However, hair shows signs of aging, especially when not taken care of properly. For some much-needed hair rejuvenation, we brought her to one of Manila’s most renowned salon brands: Emphasis Salon in the Peninsula Hotel

With Agoo accompanying her mom for some mother-daughter bonding, here’s how Emphasis was able to defy aging, as well as a peek inside a true Manila gem of a salon.

Mariasun’s hair gives her age away now, but wait ‘til you see her after her makeover!

* * *

Agoo Bengzon writes:

In all my years as a Beauty Editor, I never knew hair could “age.” Aside from the usual hair loss problems we’ve all seen and heard about, I always thought that the usual signs of aging involved loss of skin elasticity, the appearance of crow’s feet, and the development of unsightly age spots. It seems that hair takes quite a beating too as the years go by. There are three characteristics of mature hair:

1. Fibro-Porosity— this is when hair seems rougher, and the hair’s structure is fragile and prone to breakage. It also means that hair lacks melanin or its ability to protect itself from UV exposure, rendering it sensitive under the sun.

2. Loss of Density—By the time you’ve hit your 60s, your hair’s thickness may have decreased by as much as 40%!

3. Dry Scalp—Hormonal imbalances are what lead your scalp to produce less sebum by the time you’ve hit your 60s.

My mom has always been self-conscious about her thinning hair that also tends to be brittle, especially during the summer months.


The Hair Treatment

When I was asked for a volunteer for the Age Premium Treatment of Kérastase, I immediately thought of my Mom who, for the longest time, has complained about her thinning and somewhat coarse hair. She was booked at the Emphasis Salon at The Peninsula Manila for her first-ever Kérastase Treatment. She was enthralled to say the least!

Thinning hair is treated with Kérastase Age Premium Re-Substance Fibro-reinforcing Gel

The treatment begins with the application of the star product, the Re-Substance Fibro-reinforcing Gel, onto 100% dry and unwashed hair. This gel is an innovative product that penetrates to the inside of the hair and creates a molecular network that supports the fragile structure of the hair fiber. The product is applied section by section then massaged into the hair and scalp for 15 minutes.

Hair is then shampooed using the Rejuvenating Shampoo which is infused with Anti-oxidant actives that provide hair with hydration and unbelievable softness.



The Cut

  Spotlight on Moussa Abdayem, Emphasis Salon’s newest stylist


Moussa cuts years off of Mariasun with a layered haircut

Moussa Abdayem, Emphasis’ newest stylist from Lebanon, (he started doing hair at the tender age of 16 and has done the hair of numerous celebrities in his home country) gave my Mom’s mane lots of texture by adding more layers. Moussa says, “Layers add dimension to a thinning mane and provide an overall appearance of thickness and volume.” Moussa also warns, “Mature women shouldn’t add too many highlights as this process tends to dry out hair. It’s better to experiment with the cut rather than color.”

Moussa used a round brush to give hair even more bounce, and at the tail-end of the session, used a palm grazing technique which he says works well for those with fine, limp or thinning hair.


Kérastase’s Age Premium finishing spray is a must for anyone with mature hair as it isn’t your run-of-the-mill hairspray. This one enhances texture and shine in an extraordinarily natural manner.



The Result

Voila! Mariasun looks years younger, and her hair looks healthier and more lustrous! A layered haircut makes her hair look thicker and more youthful

“”The bald spot is gone, and my mom’s hair is stronger, and packs some intense shine. The strands are also thicker to the touch.”

Bonus tip: Mother’s Day is approaching. A hair makeover may just be the perfect present you can give your mom. 😉

* * *

Photos by Pranz Kaeno-Billones

Emphasis Salon is at the basement level of The Peninsula Manila (843-9128)

Haircut by Moussa Abdayem is P1,700 (by appointment only)

Kérastase Re-Substance Ritual starts P1,275


17 responses to “Make-Over #7: Breathing new life to mature locks

  • Aline


  • Rabih

    Moussaaaaaaaaaa!! Great Post!
    Goodluck bro!

  • zeina mechaalany

    and btw u look sooooo cuteeee in this pic<3<3

  • chadi mechaalany

    O.M.G. moussaaa u r soooo perfect i like itttt omg so nice and btw nice piccc u look stunding<3<3<3<3

  • khalil tohme

    Moussa i knew tht it will comes a day u will be FAMOUS ! u r the number one hairstylist in the whole world ! i respect ur TALENT!

  • christel aoun

    you look so beauty and sure you’re the number ONE

  • david

    moussa ma fe chak be chekhlak bas 8ayir lzboune ok

  • Beauty For A Living

    Hi Y2! It was nice meeting you last week. And I still want to know your real name!

    Anyway, I think this age treatment is great–a lot of women do awful things to their hair (perm, color, iron, rebond, etc!) and as we age, our hair just can’t withstand the stuff we do to it! So I’m glad Kerastase has this treatment! But how old can I be to avail of this? Do you have to be a certain age before you can use this line? Thanks!

    P.S. I think the comments above are spam.

    • moussa

      kerastase comes out as always with the best products for hair,this specific product is more for people in their late 4o’s and above.there are many other products from kerastase for different kinds of hair,your stylist will definitely advice you of wich will be better for your hair.

    • Birdie

      For the Age Premium range, it was created with women who have “mature” hair, which is characterized by very weak, porous, thin hair and dry scalp.

      Generally, women around 55yrs old and above have these hair condition, and Kerastase created this range specifically to let them age with grace 🙂

  • katrina

    i love what kerastase did to the lady’s hair,so obvious how it was dry and became shiny and healthy,it would be a great gift for my mom especially that mother’s day is approching.and yes the stylist did a great job.

  • Happy

    OOh I love Agoo’s mom! Such a sweet mom. Advanced happy mother’s day to Tita Mariasun 🙂

  • misty

    wow! i love the transformation! Mrs. Azcuna is my professor way back in college. i love her! ;p

  • PML

    Oh my! You made her smile! Hehe she was never my professor in Scho but she’s known to be very terror (most especially in our uniforms). Haha 🙂

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