“Travel Journal” – L’Oréal Professionnel’s S/S 2010 Collection (part 1)

Finally got my hands on this year’s Spring Summer Color Collection from L’Oréal Professionnel! So once again, I would like to share with you the latest hair styles and colors from the world’s leading hair fashion brand.

For this year, the collection revolves around the theme: “Travel Journal”.  From cruise collections of luxury fashion brands to everyone’s fantasy vacation of flying to destinations like Paris or Maldives, I think its about time our wanderlust expressed itself in fashion.

There are two parts to this collection. The first are 3 looks are made with Majirel hair color, entitled “Travelers”. The second are 3 more looks created with the hair coloring product Luocolor, entitled “Adventurers”.

Looks for the sophisticated traveler, not the campy tourist

* * *

Here are the trends from the runway that inspired the first part of this collection:

Brimmed hat and trench coats are classic wardrobes of travelers

Sophisticated and lots of free-flowing movement

Neutral-colored fabrics emphasize your hair color even more as an accessory

Time to see the Majirel looks!

* * *


Inspired by Jaclyn Smith, who played the role of Kelly Garrett in Charlie’s Angels, this cut has slight layering on the lengths and a wave is created using tongs to add suppleness and glamour. This long cut is perfectly suited to wavy hair. It can also be obtained on straight or even very straight hair by creating large curls using wide curling tongs or heated rollers. It is recommended to use a structuring mousse for fine hair to create volume, suppleness and shine.

The three-colour effect (with Majirel 4.41, 6.44 and 6.46 over platinium) is positioned all over the hair –roots, lengths and ends –to create sculpted volume.
In this way, the base chocolate shade supports a harmonious blend of brick and Bismarck red highlights.

Our traveler is draped in the silky fabric of a raspberry red wrap dress. She has accessorized it with charm-style tassels. Her make-up is in tones of chocolate and red; this style makes her hair glow at the very heart of Darjeeling.

* * *


Our muse sports a layered bob with a wave-shaped movement flowing over her forehead; the asymmetry on one side adds a touch of sophistication and dynamism. This cut is preferably suited to supple, straight and even unruly hair! It may be necessary to use mousse  on fine hair when blow-drying to obtain more body and hold.

The color effect, in a copper and mahogany range (with Majirel 5.45, 6.35 and 7.35), is positioned primarily on the sweep of hair at the front. Fine tawny-colored highlights have been added to accentuate and sculpt the wave.

Passing through Havana, our muse has adopted the colors of local elegance – black and white –not forgetting a Panama hat, both to protect herself from the sun and get herself noticed! Wanting to be noticed is natural, but sometimes a smoldering gaze can help things along: for her make-up, our muse has chosen a shaded palette of sepia and brick brown tones to bring out the green of her eyes.

* * *


Our heroine’s look and cut are inspired by Farrah Fawcett. The cut is layered at the sides to obtain the “Farrah Flick”. The movement created on blow-drying with a large round brush gives this hairstyle a lightweight, feminine feel! This cut is perfect for straight, flowing hair. It is, however, possible to create it on wavy or even curly hair. In this case, you will need to relax the waves when blow-drying or use X-Tenso rebonding/relaxing service.

Of course this look is not really ideal for our hair. But I still placed it here for your inspiration and entertainment 🙂

The hair color (with Majirel 9.34, 9.03 and Platinium) and the hairstyle lead to a color effect that is particularly concentrated at the front, due to the positioning of the light shade near the face. This gives optimal radiance and the face appears framed by a golden light.

For this trip to Casablanca, our heroine wears a loose-fitting shirt dress with short rolled-up sleeves in comfortable taupe-colored suede-like fabric. The addition of accessories gives an on-trend touch: a broad buckled belt and a few ethnic bracelets. The make-up favors a healthy glow created with terracotta underscored by a light ‘smoky gray’ accent on the eyes.

Stay tuned for part 2! 😀

All photos are the copyright property of L’Oréal Professionnel


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