“Travel Journal” – L’Oréal Professionnel’s S/S 2010 Collection (part 2)

For the second part of the Spring Summer “Travel Journal” Collection, we now feature looks inspired by rougher, more adventurous travelers!

The three looks are made with L’Oreal Professionnel’s Luocolor product, which unfortunately is not available in the Philippines because it is designed for light blonde hair. But nevertheless, I want to share these with you as you may still get ideas from them for your next visit to the salon 🙂

Hair and fashion for the adventure seekers

* * *

And as before, here are the fashion brands’ interpretation of the trend, and why L’Oréal Professionnel right on target with its collection!

Wild nature: loose-fitting tops, natural colors and tousled hair for women with an adventurous spirit

Independent women looking for new sensations

Sahara chic: designers are showcasing adventure seekers

And so, without further ado, here are the Luocolor “Adventurer” looks!

* * *


This is an asymmetric African braid close to the head, starting from the left-hand side and finishing on the shoulder. This plaited style for long hair is suitable for all hair types if the hair is first blow-dried to straighten it.

The color effect (with Luocolor 5, 5.3 and 5.45) is applied to the crown of the head and the lengths so that all of the different shades of brown and sienna are seen in the braid.

Our adventuress has retained a love of layering and bright colors from her adventures in Zanzibar and her encounters with the Massai. She is now heading towards the Kalahari desert, the last stage in her world tour. She notes down every impression, the tiny little details about her vast everyday experience, in her travel journal. After all, what else is most important?

* * *


This “wild cut” look is obtained by a cut with layering all along the lengths that is styled with the fingers. It is suitable for straight or wavy hair. As for short cuts, it is useful to use a relaxing cream during blow-drying for wavy hair. This step makes it easier to straighten the hair and will protect it from heat.

The colors (with Luocolor6.04 and 7.3) are positioned on the roots and lightened on the layered ends to create a contrast between the lengths and the ends. At nightfall, the light of the desert gives them golden brown glints; flames flickering around her angelic face.

With a multi-colored bag as her only luggage but a heart full of adventure, our model is getting ready to hit the road again for Alashanin the Gobi desert. She wears a zippered sleeveless jumpsuit made of black cotton rib that gives her a dynamic look and backpacker style.

* * *


Short back and sides with different lengths on the top: Leslie Winner (a famous androgynous model from the 80s) is the inspiration for our heroine of the Sahara.  The styling is deliberately tousled to give this style a light and artless feel. This cut is made for straight hair but can also be created on slightly wavy hair. In this case, the hair needs to be blow-dried to straighten it!  For fine hair, use a light, non-sticky mousse to give more bounce to the hair.

The colors (with Luocolor 10, 10.03 and Platinium) are applied with “darker roots and lighter ends” to obtain a more natural and contrasting effect. This sunshine blond glows with the shades of hot sand.

Like the heroine of the film “The Sheltering Sky”, our model wears white clothes, the color of purity and redemption. She accessorises her outfit with a light silk scarf, jewellery and a leather belt. Her only make-up is a line of dark chocolate kohl pencil to enhance her eyes.

* * *

And that’s this year’s L’Oréal Professionnel Spring Summer 2010 Color Collection! 🙂 Let me know which one you liked the most!

All photos are property of L’Oréal Professionnel


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