Make-over #8: Kid-friendly cuts for summer

Summer’s here! It’s that time of the year again when school’s out and kids spend their waking hours working up a sweat playing outdoors or stay cooped indoors playing video games. It’s the time when they trade in their school uniforms and polished black shoes for breezy cotton sandos, shorts, and summer staple slippers. And, if you grew up with parents like mine, summer’s the time when parents bring their kids to the salon to get haircuts that suit the hot and humid months to come.

METRO Beauty Editor Erica Paredes volunteered her 6-year-old daughter Ananda for this special HairInManila make-over — kid’s edition! Ananda is a precocious little girl who was shy to talk to me and Birdie in the beginning but once warmed up once we bought her Chickenjoy for lunch. She is fond of temporary tattoos, makes her own rings at home, and asked Birdie if he had wings (because of his name). We brought Ananda for her summer haircut at Bench Fix Trinoma as mom Erica writes about their experience in this trendy salon.

Little Ananda prepares her thin wavy hair for summer!


Erica Paredes writes:

My little girl Ananda is definitely no stranger to makeovers, changes, and photo shoots. As a Beauty Editor and single mother, I always end up bringing her to shoots with me so I can both get my work done and spend time with her at the same time. She loves being behind the scenes at magazine shoots, and is friends with many of the make-up artists and hair stylists that I regularly book. Many of the photographers I work with also take shots of her in between layouts and she just loves the camera.

She recently graduated from Kindy and will be joining the ranks of the Primary school students come June. When I asked her if she wanted a new look, she excitedly shouted “Yes” and started badgering me with questions — “Can I dye my hair pink?” “They aren’t going to cut it like a boy right?” “Ooh, can I color my hair pink AND purple instead?” And although I tried to be fair and consider her ideas, I had to draw the line with the outrageous colors and compromise with just letting her get the cut that she wanted.

Ananda’s hair is thin but wavy and prone to flyaways


The Cut

When we arrived at Bench Fix Salon in Trinoma, Senior Stylist Jojo Sibug was asking me what I wanted for her, but I would consult with her and let her decide. I remember my mom telling the stylist to give me a pixie cut when I was about Ananda’s age, and I cried. I have my own ideas of what I want for her, but I have learned not to underestimate the six year old mind — they know what they want!

Bench Fix Trinoma is trendy, spacious, and welcoming

Sleek seats and mirrors are complemented with cool relaxing interiors

She was first escorted to the backwash for her shampoo. Bench Fix seems to be used to get children as clients, because they were ready with a booster seat for Ananda.

After her shampoo, she was led back to her chair where Jojo started snipping off inches from her hair.

I could tell that Jojo was gentler with Ananda’s hair and didn’t use big brushes for it.

Layers would add volume to her thin hair and would really bring out her curls.

Ananda decided on side swept bangs (like me!) to frame her face.

We decided to blow dry her hair since it is usually wavy.

Ananda tends to fall asleep when feeling really relaxed while getting a haircut and after a few minutes, I could already see her yawning and she kept asking if she was almost done.

We asked the hairdresser to make sure he adds a bit of curl to the ends so it doesn’t look too flat.

A touch of Kerastase Oléo-Curl Créme was applied to Ananda’s ends to maintain her curls.


The Result

Voila! Ananda’s new hairstyle frames her young face better!

Bangs look fresh and keep away the hair from her eyes when playing

Layers make her waves more manageable

Senior Stylist Jojo Sibug gets Ananda ready for summer fun!


Photos by Pranz Kaeno-Billones

Bench Fix is located at the 2nd level of Trinoma, North Avenue cor Edsa, Quezon City (901-3643)

Cut & Style by Senior Stylist Jojo Sibug is P350.


4 responses to “Make-over #8: Kid-friendly cuts for summer

  • Beauty For A Living

    Omigosh, Erica, your Ananda is so precious! And pretty! I wish I can meet her =)

  • Roanne @ All the Vanity

    Little Ananda is so cute and her haircut fits her perfectly! The cutesy bangs are just adorable, something that I would have wanted myself but wouldn’t fit my frame. :p

    • Y2k Villanueva

      Hey Roanne! Yeah, Ananda is uber-cute! And she’s already forming her own sense of style at her very young age! 🙂
      I used to have bangs as a kid too, but I don’t think I looked as cute as Ananda either; in fact, my Titas would call me “Prince Valiant” because of my bangs. Haha!

  • Christoper

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