Salon Review: Straight Talk at Hairworks Salon

Hello HairinManila Readers!

Wow, isn’t it unbelievably hot out there lately? I just came from the beach this weekend, and I really felt the sun drying out my hair! I find myself putting my medium-length hair in a ponytail or bun more often now thanks to the searing heat, even if it’s bad for my rebonded hair. I’m sure many of you feel the heat as well and the damage it can cause to your hair. Phew! A reminder: Protect your tresses this summer!

Agoo Bengzon once again graces our page as she writes about Hairworks Salon. Hairworks boasts excellent service and a long list of loyal clientele that come in regularly for their maintenance and pampering. We set an appointment for Tara Santos of Summit Media to have her hair rebonded in Hairworks as Agoo writes about this hair oasis at the heart of Makati CBD.

Nope, this isn’t a mirage. It really is the façade of Hairworks!


Agoo Bengzon writes:

It was the time of year again when all of Tara’s natural curls were starting to show, and the humid weather wasn’t making things any better. No amount of gel/hairspray would tame Tara’s out-of-control mane. Tara has had her hair rebounded countless times, and suffice to say, she has seen and been through it all. She has had her scalp burnt, her hair return to its natural curly state after the first wash, and has had to deal with the horror of constant hair breakage.

This time, however, the experience was anything but horrific. Under the professional hands of Senior Stylist Rey Amorin and L’Oréal Master Colorist Bonnie De Ocampo of Hairworks,Tara’s frizzy and unmanageable hair was transformed into a sleek, shiny and wonderfully straight ‘do.

The entrance to Hairworks is chic and easy to the eyes

The interior’s color scheme is relaxing and perfect for pampering

The first thing that was done was an analysis of Tara’s hair. Since it has been subjected to countless rebonding procedures, the elasticity and porosity of the strands had to be determined. After which, depending on whether the hair is colored or not, the technicians can begin choosing the right variants of rebonding products.

A shelf full of products supports the expert hair diagnoses by Hairworks


The Rebonding

Tara is first brought to the backwash station where her hair is first lightly washed using L’Oréal Professionnel’s Liss Ultime Shampoo.

The backwash station

The scalp is purposely not scrubbed as this may render it sensitive to the rebonding product

Hair is then hand-dried, then sectioned into four parts. Bonnie then begins to apply Xtenso Moisturist.

Xtenso Moisturist is Hairworks’ prime pick for rebonding as it is a product that you can customize, depending on the client’s hair history. After about 15 minutes, hair is rinsed thoroughly.

After thoroughly hand-drying the hair again, hair is sectioned into four parts once more and ironed. Once hair has been ironed, a neutralizer is applied, and left to sit for 15 minutes.


Spotted! The breathtaking Miriam Quiambao at Hairworks Salon!

Indeed, Miriam is just one of many local stars who entrust their hair to Hairworks Salon


The Treatment

Once the neutralizing product ahs been rinsed out, a post-treatment product — Power Define — is applied onto strands. Power Define will lock in the shine and smoothness into cuticles.

After five minutes, the hair is washed again, dried, and ironed once more. Clients are then advised to refrain from washing or getting their hair wet for at least 48 hours.


The Result

Tara’s hair is silky straight but has a natural look to it, unlike some rebonding services which grant you straighter locks but end up making hair look brittle and broom-like in appearance.

Tara’s hair rests naturally on her shoulders with Xtenso Moisturist

Back view of Tara’s rebonded hair

To maintain the shine and relaxed appearance of hair, Hairworks recommends using L’Oréal Professionnel Liss Extreme products. This range controls excessive volume and unruly curls, leaving hair de-tangled, manageable and easy to style every single day.


Photos by Pranz Kaeno-Billones

Hairworks Salon is located at 108 Legaspi Street Legaspi Village, Makati (near Greenbelt 5)

Schedule your appointment through Tel no. 888 4817

Pre Treatment (Inner Logic): P560/vial

Xtenso Moisturist Rebonding: P3920-P8960

Post treatment (Power Define): P560


11 responses to “Salon Review: Straight Talk at Hairworks Salon


    Wow! i love your hair 😀

  • Apple

    i really want to have a new hair do! i’ve had my natural locks when i turned 12, and i’m getting sick of it. i cut it short 2 weeks ago, it looks good, but i’m bored.

    any advice?

  • Claris

    I have a very kinky hair since birth and I have to cut it really short so it would be easy for me to style. I have to put gels everyday so I can maintain stillness of my kinky dry hair. I do have colors every 2 mos that I think has strong contribution in making my hair so dry. But I have to do it rather than having a SHORT KINKY BLACK HAIR all the time.

    I’ve been so streesed in maintaining it and I would have wanted it long and get it rebonded after. But of course, whenever I try to do it, I get so iritated (kasi sobrang buhaghag talaga!) and I have to cut it short again.

    Please help me on this. Me and my boyfriend have decided to have full commitment on this.

    Thank you and I hope to hear from your salon the soonest.


  • Pamela Conde

    Hi, I would like to recommend Pals Salon’s L’Oreal Xtenso Rebonding that promises a straight but not broom like hair… you can really see the shine and softness of their clients hair even just looking at their rebonded hair gallery.. You can view their gallery at
    Me and my friends had our hair rebonded at Pals Salon and it was wouldn’t believe that you could afford a hair like in the commercials! We just loved the results. thanks to Pals Salon..

    I hope this helps specially to those who wants to get smooth, silky, straight hair but can’t afford high end salons like hair works..

  • Milly Sierra

    OMG! yes I know Pals Salon! that’s where my tita got her hair rebonded and it was really like what you said! Her hair was like from a shampoo commercial. Pals Salon is really me

  • Sam

    Hi, may I know what’s the contact number of pals salon?

  • Milly Sierra

    hi Sam, here it is: 628-1858
    more contact details of Pals Salon you can visit their website:


  • Jojo

    Today’s Deal: Only P810 for 3 Vials of L’Oreal Power Dose Color plus a Haircut by a Professional Hair Stylist at Keon Salon (valued at P2,700). Buy na sa

  • Marie

    how much cellophane treatment for medium length hair?

  • Mae dizon

    i knwo pals salon has a new contact number on their facebook

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