Make-over #9: Something Old, Something New

It was time for a make-over.

Such an empowering line many girls have had the courage to say over the years. A make-over signals significant change in one’s life — a rebirth of sorts. I remember how rejuvenated I felt after my post-pageant make-over, when I had my waist-length hair chopped up to my shoulders and sported bangs a la Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada. For many, a make-over bids farewell to the former You and greets hello a fabulous new You!

For HairinManila’s ninth make-over, Bianca Consunji of PDI’s 2bu! talks about her own make-over experience care of Piandre Salon in Trinoma. She shares with us the reason behind her desire to make that change (which I’m sure many of us will be able to relate with!), and how Piandre Trinoma made it all happen.

Bianca’s old hairstyle is limp and scraggly with her roots showing

Bianca Consunji writes:

First things first: I like keeping my hair long. The last time I had a drastic haircut was in 2005, when a Korean hairstylist and I failed to hurdle the communication barrier together and I ended up with a very choppy, rather short hairdo with doll bangs. I thought I was able to convey the look that I wanted (soft, flowing curls and long bangs), but all he did was nod and cut my bangs halfway through my forehead. I bawled throughout the haircut—something I hadn’t done since the fourth grade. Since then, I’ve been wary of overenthusiastic hairstylists who seem more interested in experimentation than in my personal well-being.

But lately—blame it on my quarter-life crisis—I’ve been yearning for change in everything that I do, and that yearning extended to my hair as well. Now, I’m not one to experiment when it comes to my hair, primarily because I like how my hair behaves. It takes care of itself without a boatload of products, and I feel that doing too much to my locks will only be detrimental to their health.

However, I didn’t want to go through another year with the same hairdo, because I bored myself just looking at the mirror. Also, few months ago, I had my hair colored and the roots were showing horribly. I knew it was time for a makeover.

Piandre Trinoma welcomes make-overs of all kinds and conditions!

The reception area is a fusion of modern architecture and traditional Filipino art

This fusion continues in the salon’s main service area


The Color

This makeover was the fourth time I colored my hair, and I was still apprehensive about going lighter. As you can see, I’m lousy at maintaining hair color so I go back for touch-ups only when the roots show.

However, Rosalie Pineda of Piandre Salon Trinoma showed me the shade that would best work with my skin tone and brighten it up (flat black or brown hues tend to make Asian complexions look blah).

In my case, it was L’Oreal Professionnel in Red Dark Blonde, a light brown hue with slight hints of red that would show only in the sunlight. Perfect for hair color-hesitant people like me!

A different shade is applied to the colored portions as opposed to the virgin hair in the roots


The Treatment

Before proceeding with the rest of the makeover, the staff at Piandre scanned my head with Kerastase’s special hair scanner to check the condition of my scalp and hair strands.

Oftentimes, hair problems such as dryness and dandruff are traced to the scalp and not just the hair shaft

The Kerastase L’Espace is exclusive to all Kerastase treatments done in Piandre

The area is sleek and adds a punch of color and sophistication in the salon

My locks were normal, but Kerastase Aqua-Oleum was spritzed on my hair just the same to keep it from drying up post hair color.

Don’t have time to head to the spa for a hair treatment? I recommend the Kerastase Noctogenist range, which can be applied to your hair before sleeping for the same results.


The Cut

After explaining to Rosalie that I wanted a slightly new look that was still confined to the parameters of my comfort zone (hey, Jennifer Aniston’s had the same type of haircut since the ‘90s and no one complains), she nodded and started braiding my hair. “It’s how I section it,” she explained.

Braiding sections of the hair ensures that no strays get in the way of Rosalie’s scissors

Rosalie snips off only the necessary parts, such as dry ends and scraggly layers, to better frame my face

Giving my hair a final comb-through before working on the bangs

Minutes later, I was sporting a cleaner, more streamlined version of my old cut (which had way too many layers that resulted in unwanted flyaways) and long bangs. “I think I want my bangs shorter,” I mused after looking at the new hairdo in the mirror. Rosalie complied and gave me doll-like bangs that complemented the hair color.


The Result

“You look younger,” a friend commented after seeing the haircut. Some aunts have started calling me Blondie after the hair color, but I don’t care—in fact, I really like it!

The final look! Full bangs and cleaner layers make for a younger, low-maintenance style.

On a recent trip to New York immediately after the makeover, I was mistaken for a Korean on one occasion. I like it that the haircut and color are versatile enough to look good with various hairstyles, and it looks good worn up, with bouncy curls, or blow-dried straight. I’ve finally found middle ground: a hairstyle that isn’t too wildly different from my no-frills look, with enough changes for other people to notice.


Photos by Pranz Kaeno-Billones

A cut by Rosalie Pineda is P550 for men and P700 for ladies (by appointment)

Color using L’Oreal Professionnel starts at P1425 (short hair)

Kerastase Aqua-Oleum is P1150 per vial used

Piandre Salon Trinoma is located at the Ground floor of Trinoma mall, Quezon City (Near BreadTalk and Conti’s)

Telephone #: 900-0120


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