The new face of HairInManila

Hello friends and readers 🙂

It’s been quite some time since I wrote here, and I guess its time for me to say my goodbyes.

Flashback to April 2009 – I attended a Why Not? Forum and one of the speakers was Anton Diaz of It was really amazing how a community gathered together around his blog about food.  Readers wanted honest and helpful information about restaurants, and Anton gave it to them. Before long, his blog and his readers have been helping big and small restaurants all over the country get exposure to the hungry mouths out there. Today, we have awesome events like the Awesome Ultimate Taste Test with over 1,000 foodies gathered together.

I started thinking about this blog back in August ’09. Working in L’Oreal for the salon division, one thing I noticed is that there was no where anyone could get information about salons and their services. No one was reviewing them, comparing them, and sharing stories about them. What was available were stories in your favorite magazines; but the problem with that is that the information isn’t easy to share with others, unlike posting it on the web.

So with the help of my colleague, Joanna Ruaro, we decided to create a blog that would be the go-to place for salon reviews, salon services, and generally everything people want to know about hair fashion. We wanted it to be useful, interesting, and well-produced with great writers, photographers, and hair styling talent. We wanted readers to be able to connect with other readers or with the salon itself.

Me and Joanna

With P1,500 and absolutely no experience at all with WordPress and blogging, Joanna and I had to learn the ropes really fast. After much trial and error (especially with grammar checking; some posts would have up to 10 revisions after posting due to grammatical errors on my part), we eventually got the hang of it and felt more confident in posting more regularly. We celebrated and gave each other a pat on the back whenever someone would post a comment or if our daily readership went up.

Thank YOU for visiting our little slice of the net; it really means a lot to us! 🙂

But now, the time has come for me to pass on the reins of this blog to new blood. I would like to properly introduce Ytwo Villanueva as the new moderator of HairInManila! And I hope that you can continue to help us in building this blog to become more useful for all the people out there asking what hair cut fits them, where the best place is to get a perm, what product should be used to repair damaged hair, how much is it to get a rebond, etc etc.

If you ever have any suggestions, questions, or if you want to volunteer for a make-over, just drop us a message at We love getting email from you!

Birdie and Ytwo (yes, we have the weirdest nicknames)

So there, that’s my goodbye.

Snip snip! See you around!


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