Make-Over #10: Enter the Intern!

Hello HairInManila,

I came upon your blog while browsing through the Maybelline FB fan page. While reading through your older entries, I saw that you’ve done make-overs on several people already; at this point, I got really excited because I myself have wanted a make-over for such a long time now! I’ve always thought that make-overs signaled a definite change for the better in someone’s life (probably due to the loads of Hollywood movies I’ve been weaned on since childhood, hahaha). I’m going to start my internship this April (in an advertising agency); because of this, I want something that’ll be kind of low maintenance but will still look presentable when meeting with supervisors/clients. Something that screams, “Hey world, here I come!”

I really REALLY hope you can help me! 🙂 THANK YOU!!!

Cheska Teresa


I was more than happy to meet Cheska and have her go through her make-over. Maybe it’s because I graduated with an Advertising degree myself. Maybe it’s because her many references to Hollywood attracted me (I myself am a Golden-Age-of-Hollywood cinephile). Or maybe it’s just because it really is HairinManila’s reason for existence to have our readers experience what we write about! Either way, it was a beautiful Sunday morning when I met with Cheska at Aura Salon to have her make-over one day before her internship! Now that’s what we call a photo finish! Read on! 🙂

Cheska’s collegiate locks need a boost before her first crack at being a professional!

Cheska Teresa writes:

I’ve always been a fan of makeovers – there’s something extremely gratifying with seeing the normal-looking girl suddenly turn into the campus hottie with only a simple makeover to blame. Clueless, She’s All That, Miss Congeniality – all these Hollywood movies made me appreciate the power and CHANGE that came with a simple cut and color. They made me want to have a makeover all the more.

So when I chanced upon the Hair In Manila site, I immediately wrote to them, asking them to for a makeover. I was just about to start with my internship, and I felt that a makeover would be just the thing to set off an extremely (hopefully!) exciting run in the advertising industry. Call me Hollywood-ified, but I really did believe that!

Just imagine my excitement when Birdie replied, telling me that they WERE going to make me over. And here’s how it all went:

Exterior. Day. Aura Salon at Katipunan Avenue. The make-over begins.


The Treatment

When I arrived at Aura Salon, I was immediately greeted by Loreal’s representative Y2 Villanueva and the salon receptionist. I do admit that I was kind of nervous – images of my hair being butchered in the guise of being “radical” and “hip” were running through my head. Y2 and the staff at Aura Salon instantly put me at ease though, asking me about how I’d want my hair to be cut.

Aura Salon’s warm foyer and equally warm staff erase any fear of coming in for a treatment!

Aura Salon deviates from other trendy salons by having a more at-home, cozy feel.

Arnel Bragais, a Junior Stylist there, opted to start with the hair care treatment first before proceeding with my haircut. I had my hair colored medium brown in November 2009, and without much time for regular hair treatments, my hair had become somewhat dry and unmanageable. Add the summer heat and the natural thickness of my hair to the mix, and what should have been wavy, carefree hair becomes a pouffed-up, unruly mess on most days.

Arnel assesses my hair condition from all angles

Arnel opted to use the PUREOLOGY Hydrate line to give my locks the moisture and shine boost that it so needed. Originally developed by Jim Markham in California, Pureology is touted as the number one color care brand in the US. It promises users enhanced color brilliance and intense conditioning through a revolutionary “100% vegan” color care mix that includes an AntiFade Complex, an exclusive blend of potent antioxidants that includes vitamins C and E, and UVA and UVB sunscreens with Heliogenol, a sunflower seed cake extract that offers additional UV protection, and a gentle ZeroSulfate technology that doesn’t strip hair off color for their shampoos.

I was first escorted to the shampoo stations located at the far end of the salon

Pureology HYDRATE shampoo was applied and massaged to my hair

After the shampoo, I was led back to the chair where they immediately started applying the Pureology Hydrate masque to my hair.

The treatment felt cool and relaxing as it began to seep into my hair.

Jed made sure to thoroughly massage every part of my hair with the masque.


The Cut

Arnel began cutting after the treatment was rinsed off. I initially thought that they’d be the ones to decide about how my hair would be styled, Sir Arnel gave me free hand on deciding what to do. I didn’t want anything too extreme, just enough for people to notice that something has changed. I don’t like spending too much time fussing with my hair when I’m on the go – something that would look good with minimal maintenance was best for me.

He examined my hair again, combing and parting it into different sections

He then started snipping off inches of my hair, winding his way from the back to the front. He added layers that reduced my thick hair from an unruly mess to a tumble to bouncy waves.

He added side-swept bangs to frame my face, giving it a more youthful look.

To complete the look, they gave me a blowdry that lent my usually wavy hair a straight, shiny sheen – with the help of Pureology Hydrate Shinemax, of course.

Put a few drops of the Pureology Hydrate Shinemax first…

… before applying onto hair for shine and color protection at the same time!


The Result

I’m ready for OJT! Soft and silky hair made me not only look youthful, but FEEL youthful.

My head felt infinitely lighter because of the layers, and the bangs made my eyes pop more.

Long hours at the office are not a problem with a more manageable hairstyle!


Photos by Pranz Kaeno-Billones

Tel. no. 433-1410

Aura Salon is located at 2/F Palodoma Building, 313 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Haircut by Junior Stylist Arnel Bragais starts at PHP 185

The Pureology Hydrate Treatment starts at PHP 700


6 responses to “Make-Over #10: Enter the Intern!


    VERY nice i love how her hair shines frizz free!!!that’s my main problem..

  • Tracy

    Cheska has nice curls to begin with! 🙂 Her new hair and cut complement her wonderfully. I wonder if she’s able to achieve the same style post-shampooing…

  • liz

    i love makeovers too! I agree with cheska that there’s really just something so nice and powerful even with makeovers. my hair’s problem has always been that it’s frizzy and buhaghag.

  • joyce08

    Hi!..I was impressed for the make-over of Ms.Cheska.I wished I could also have the chance to have a total make-over with your salon.As much as I wanted to change the way I look,I dont know how am I going to start from it and of course,the budget will always be the problem.Eversince,I have this curly hair on my head which I hated. I already did rebonding and it keeps on coming back after a few months.Well,thats ok since curly is my normal hair.What my problem is,I would like to have a different look.,not just straight hair but I want a twist from what I used to be.I wanted to look fresh and neat all day.I dont know what type of style will match my personality and my face since I also have a broad!!!

  • anny-nay

    Hi! I think that girl looked more pretty before differents

  • Sarah Falcone - Kiss and Make Up

    Nice makeover. Her hair looks great.. The style fits her perfectly.

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