New contest: Short hair vs. Long hair? (June 16-26)

Hello readers!

It’s time for another contest! This one is really simple and can enlighten us with answers to the age-old hair question:

Which rocks more,


Simply comment below on your answer and get a chance to win goodies from Garnier! One winner with the best answer will receive the following:

  • Garnier LightComplete Multi-action whitening cream
  • Garnier Light Whiten & Protect moisturizing cream
  • Garnier Light Milky Lightening dew
  • Garnier Light Brightening scrub wash
  • Garnier Light spot corrector pen
  • Garnier Light Visible whitening face powder
  • Garnier Light Lightening peel-off mask
  • Garnier Light Perfect Fit & Relax whitening mask

Consolation prizes will also be given!

You see how celebrities vary their looks with long locks and short cuts…

Victoria Beckham

Keira Knightley

Halle Berry

Katie Holmes

We’d like to hear which side of the fence you’re in! Join the debate and win! 🙂

Contest is from June 16-26 only!


72 responses to “New contest: Short hair vs. Long hair? (June 16-26)

  • Maui

    Ohh! what a lovely contest! =) I personally was afraid of cutting my long long hair after getting a horrible short haircut when I was younger. I vowed that I wouldnt cut my hair ever. But after a few years, I decided it was time for a change. And from having long hair, had it chopped really short.

    I think having long hair makes you look softer and more feminine while having short hair makes you look more edgier. Im currently trying to grow my hair out now because im getting bored not being able to style it as much but I prefer short hair =)

    Actually posted about my short and long hair in my blog too haha

  • jona

    short hair rocks more for me! very few people can pull it off..
    it makes you look more confident and chic, showing the other facets of your crowning glory..for me, women sporting short hair doesn’t conform with the stereo type adage that having long hair makes you beautiful..short hair rules!

  • Dianne

    I know that what is better is not written in stone, it is just a matter of one’s preference.

    In my case, I prefer to have my hair long!
    They say that if you are short don’t wear your hair long so you’ll look taller.. Hey, I am short and I have long hair! Hahaha!

    Just need to keep your hair clean, and I think it wouldn’t really matter. 🙂

  • mark tadoy

    Short hair is the best for me, coz its easy, simple, sexy and so many choices to style. but most of girls are afraid to cut their long hair. :))

  • Ning

    I prefer long hair because have different look when it comes to styling hair rather than short a lot of limitations to consider.

  • sheila mari

    i prefer long hair.. pag may long hair ka, makakaheadbang ka ng astig na astig.. and of course, lots of styles sa hair na mahaba…

  • Stonibert Lim

    I would prefer long hair, it’s what separates the girls from the ladies. With long hair you have so many designs or styles to do to your hair.

    Long and beautiful hair always keep men taking another look at a woman.

    Long hair is what makes woman a fine woman, and what makes men go crazy for.

  • Polinda Usero

    For me, long hair rocks! You can style the long hair in more different ways. You can make it look shorter, wavy, curly in a stylish way. Or just plain straight long hair, its simplicity rocks.

  • Rhea Flores

    For me, Short hair rocks! It is the kind of hair that can be managed easily. A wear-n-go hair style specially for those who are always in the rush.

  • fritzieG

    i prefer short hair. having short less time effort to fix it and style it. short hair makes you look young.

  • Joalyn

    Definitely long hair! It just looks so feminine and elegant. I’ve had long hair for 12 years now, I enjoy it because I get to style it in a lot of ways! Taking care of it is a must for me because it’s the most important thing that identifies me. 🙂

  • erica yu-b

    when i was younger , i had a short hair because my mom loved cutting my hair for studying purposes.. she told me it’s harder for me to memorize and concentrate because all the nutrients i eat will just go to my hair if it’s long.. anyways,she would cut it really short (like that of the boys).. and one time i had to get a student permit i.d and when i got my i.d, they thought i was a male!! my gender indicated “male”! i promised to myself “never to have short hair again!!

  • sella escosa

    Which rocks more, short or long hair? Well, the answer may vary as there are many factors to consider in choosing the right cut for a certain person. I, myself have always wanted to have very short hair because it’s practical for a very busy mom like me.It would be like my hands doing all the fixing with the help of a little cream or oil. But because I was not blessed with straight hair, I am always stuck with my long natural wave, thick hair, usually in pony tail. Whatever it is, short or long, what’s important is you really feel good and confident about yourself. It will come out naturally and shine. That’s what truly rocks!

  • rica medina

    i like long hair the most, simply because you can style it anyway you want. And boys like long hair as well. Makes you look more feminine or ladylike. Short hair makes them feel you’re one of them. Lol!

  • bryan te

    i would personally prefer long hair. Because it is elegant to look at a lady with a long hair. you can even design or style depending on your mood. Guys are attracted to girls with a long shiny hair.

  • katherine rose gumabay

    for me it depends on the mood of the people for having a short or long hair and also to consider the age. i tried having a short hair when i was in high school because of teenage year i tried to be experimentalist in hair style and then when i turn in college i decided to be in long hair to create different style and until now i am stiil in long hair cause it gives a natural look and a filipina style

  • leah lim

    definitely long hair. Because with long hair it would makes us girls more beautiful and confident. we can even use our hair to attract guys that we like. we can change our hair style depends on what we are wearing.

  • hon

    i guess long hair define femininity a woman could possess while short hair gives us sophistication… the hair is our crowning glory that would give us height of confidence and looks that our hearths truly endure…

    personally, having a long hair for a very long time makes me feel scared everytime i cut my hair to fashion trend…i felt that i am not already in my comfort zone everytime i cut my hair to short one but this i would say an adventure for me makes me realize that fashion would sometimes mold a persons identity specially if we are confident enough on our chosen hair style…now i am ready and set again to cut my hair to short one and believe me or not i really pray hard everytime i go to salon to cut my hair…

  • Lorna Rodriguez

    Long hair will give a women a rock and roll babes. It is very obvious when you have a long hair you have a big responsibilities to take care of. And aside from it if you will attend in any occasion you can simply design whatever you want. Curly,straight, to tie up…etc. Women had a long hair finds me sexy and really a true “pinay”.

  • Myrlissa Minog

    Long hair rocks more! Hair is the crowning glory of a woman and I believe that men are attracted most with a long shiny hair.

    Any style you want is possible with a long hair.If you want to curl it up, then you can just do it with the help of the curling iron. If you want straight, it can be also. You can also just simply tie it with a pony tail. You can do anything depends on your mood.

  • Jameela Malicdem

    I’m sure every girl here have had their hair long to short, short to long. I, for instance feel very girly whenever I sport a long hair for I can do anything with it.. And the flip thing so boys can smell your hair? I loooove doing that! :-))

    But I must say, when a woman tries to cut their hair short.. it takes a lot of courage. And so I salute those who take the risk by doing so! 😀 Also, having short do is more manageable, enlightens and enhances the face’s features.

    Just my opinion. If you feel comfortable with long hair, go for it. If you feel like cutting it short, go for it. As long as you feel confident, you’ll feel beautiful.

  • Maureen

    Short hair rocks for me! For one, short hair is very difficult to sport. People who rock in short hair are well, one of God’s MOST beautiful creatures (All of us are beautiful but some people seem more blessed aesthetically speaking). I for one, would love to cut my tresses short because of extreme heat but I would be risking to be called “SIOPAO” by my friends again hehe. Short hair is modern, practical and easier to manage. For me, it rocks. Definitely.

  • Beauty For A Living

    It really depends on one’s personality and facial features.

    A lot of women say they like long hair because it makes them look feminine–actually, a lot of women with long hair just look losyang.

    Me, I’d like long wavy hair but my hair is too fine and flat so my hairstylist always recommends a cut. Not too short kasi I have big ears but not too long because I’ll just look manang. So it’s always hovering about my shoulders.

    Well, except now–my hair’s short. And I like it!

  • Mylene M. Calleja

    Short hair rocks!! Those pictures of celebrities clearly tell what I mean. When they cut their hair short their personality also change, sophisticated and elegant, some air of confidence you can see on their faces. Yet long hair had the edge because you can have many styles when you have long hair, but with short hair no need to blow dry longer, just a little mousse, some brush strokes voila you can go!! Short hair means shorter time to make yourself beautiful and attractive(long hair? of course the opposite hahaha)Shorter hair really really makes me rock…

  • Euville Coquia

    I think women can look good in both long and short hair, depending on their hair styles and on their faces too. However, I have lived my life mostly with long hair because it takes less time to manage and is more fun to style. With short hair, you need to blow dry and style it everytime (which still looks the same) after washing to look good and oftentimes need a haircut to keep the style.

    Long hair works for me… A long hair equals a ROCKING CROWNING GLORY! Not all girls with short hair can pull it off the scene. Girls with long hair can always pull it off and it also adds an appeal of confidence and a bossy look which is a sexy thing. Nothing is sexier than that. I also love the feel of long hair tumbling down my back. It just looks more feminine when a woman has a longer hair…

    There are tons of stuffs you can do to style it… it makes you look sassy, cool, romantic, serious and playful… there are lots of advantages… and actually, most of the guys really prefer a long-haired girl… they go gaga with it! ❤

  • maan0729

    long hair rocks simply because you can style it anyway you want depending on your mood. I think it can also compliment any facial shape. Short hair fits only on few facial shape not everyone will look good on short hair.

  • Anne

    Long hair because it’s more classic and more versatile too. You play with it more than short hair and style it in so many ways. Beautiful girls are also mostly portrayed with long hair (though that’s not to say short haired girls don’t rock it too!). 🙂

  • Josephine Bahala

    Although my husband wants me short-haired, I still find women with long hair simply irresistible! Long hair rocks! Why? Because long hair gives you the freedom to express yourself, your mood, your individuality. Long haired women have all the opportunity to style and present themselves differently anytime they want. Unlike with short hairs, there’s nothing much you can do about it. With long hair, one can bring out the artist in them by trying out different looks every time. Our hair is our crowning glory, so it is just fitting to let them shine so that we can shine too! Long hair rocks! 🙂

  • Levy

    I’ve just had my hair cut yesterday (above my shoulder). I came up with this decision because I can no longer manage to have my long hair, especially now that I am a housewife. My friends told me that I look better with a short hair, but my husband doesn’t like it. He prefers my hair to be long although I usually tie it in a ponytail. What’s wrong with girls having short hairs?
    I cannot understand why men love girls with long hairs. Maybe they don’t like girl with short hair because it felt like they were grabbing another guy because her hair was so short and it was a turn off for them. Or maybe it is a sign of superiority to pull a female’s hair, and most males like to feel dominant over females if not for a small amount of time.

    For me, it doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short as long as you keep it clean, well-combed and smells good. Cutting your hair or making it long is your personal preference. As long as it will make you happy and feel good about yourself, then go for it! Don’t think what other’s will say, you will be the one to wear it not them!

  • Vivian

    Long hair rocks! But, short hair rocks, too! It all depends on one’s personality, lifestyle, shape of face, and hair texture. Our hair is our crowning glory and it frames our face. Some women could really rock a short hair while others are just as fabulous with long hair.

    In the end, a women would look perfect either way. It just all just depends on how you carry yourself. Well, good grooming of hair counts a lot, too.

  • Vivian

    Long hair rocks! But, short hair rocks, too! It all depends on one’s personality, lifestyle, shape of face, and hair texture. Our hair is our crowning glory and it frames our face. Some women could really rock a short hair while others are just as fabulous with long hair.

    In the end, a woman would look perfect either way. As I’ve said, it all depends on how she carries herself. Well, good grooming of hair counts a lot, too.

  • Mary Ann Fadre-Galuza

    from elementary till college days, i would always prefer short hair because its easy to manage and no need of long ours n front of the mirror thinking what hair style I would do and best for me. But when I start working, almost all of my office mates has long and shiny hair. And i feel envious with this. From that time on, I started to grow my hair longer and longer. I was just trimming it down about an inch or two every month to avoid split ends. I also started to go into salon every month. And I guess, my love for my long hair even become intense when I met my husband 5 years ago, he would always tells me that I look seductive with my long hair. He even loves me more everytime he sees my long and straight hair.

  • Macy Gray

    I love this topic. For me, short or long hair will look naturally sexy and elegant depending the shape and size of the person’s face. People who have small face structures preferrably will look good to a short hair to define the face even more. Those with long and square shaped faces most likely chose to have their hair long that compliments their faces structure.
    Practically speaking, it is really recommended to have our hair cut short. Less shampoo and conditioner everday! And much cheaper hot oil, hair spa and other hair treatments.
    Long hair looks sexy and elegant if the hair is well-maintained and properly treated. Long shiny hair makes a lady feels like a beauty queen. Big curls on long hair is also the common formal sexy look anyone whould like o have.
    No matter short or long hair, what matters is how anyone carries themselves with these different hair cuts.The hair reflects a person’s current state of mind and lifestyle.


    Short hair is better than long locks! It will make you look younger than your age and it’s easier to manage. Short hair rocks!

  • irma dagdag

    great debate…I both experience having long and short hair. Long when I was in elementary and high school and short when I was in college. For me I like having a short hair,I find it more glamour and sophisticated. Most of my friends told me I look younger when I cut my long hair. It’s also a low maintenance…no need for rebond or hair straightening. Less effort to style and less time to fix,you can just comb it with your fingers after shower.go for short hair…

  • rose

    Long hair really rocks! Look beautiful,sexy, seductive, elegant, classic and simple with long hair. It also represents femininity.
    Hair is the crowning glory of every woman especially when it is well maintained.That makes long hair rocks!

  • Jayson Biadog

    Short hair, because its really cool for hot season now..and the model rocks..but short hair not only for woman but also for a charismatic men like me..ahem…

  • jane

    long hair beacause u can do what ever u want to do!!

  • Margaret S. Chan

    It depend on your age if you are in your teens long hair look better for them; while if your are in your late 20’s and above it’s better to have short hair since they are all busy and doesn’t have much time to blow dry and it make them more sophisticated with a short hair. Therefore both rock.

  • Margaret S. Chan

    Both short hair and long hair rock. For teens who has all the time long hair is great for them they can tie it in a pony tail or curl it. But if you are in your late 20’s and above who has no time short hair is better and it’s more sophisticated depending on the cut you get

  • Criselle Gokian

    Short hair rocks! Short hair helps busy people to stay beautiful even without taking so much time to fix it! it also makes a person looks taller! Short hair is perfect with a specially when it’s stylized by a awesome cuts. While long hair is good too for tall people and especially when it’s well managed everyday!

  • Maricar Losantas

    For me SHORT HAIR rocks more for the following reason:

    a. Save time to brush your hair because it’s short :-), no need for pony tails and etc.
    b. Save money, because if you go to a salon for a hair service the rate for short hair is much cheaper than a long hair 🙂
    c. You can easily style your hair like a rock star by using some hair styling product.
    d. And most of all you can see the real beauty of a woman by seeing most of her face 🙂

  • jennifer tria

    LOng hair rocks! Based on experience my hubby loves my look when i have a long hair…..MOst guys i know also loves girl with long hair according to them it looks so sophisticated and sexy.

  • Bagel

    I would say that even if I have a long hair, those with short one rocks. Simply because “they” do not defend on their hair to look more feminine. And a girl always wants something that she doesn’t have. (LOL). Seriously though, what I admire for those with short hair is that they defy the standard that the society dictates that a woman should have a longer hair to be more beautiful. (This is just my opinion!!!)


  • Eunice Felix


    Primarily because you can achieve a lot of looks with longer locks. Whether kept in a pony or just laid flowing it is indeed very becoming of a lady to have long hair. You can achieve a “boyish” or sporty look by tying it in a neat pony. Also, you can achieve a simple yet classic look by wearing it straight and flowing. If you want to go sophisticated, curling long locks will do the trick to.

    Moreover, almost all facial structures suits with long hair unlike with short hair which seems to favor only those thin with chiseled face ladies. women on the fatter side will look a lot heavier by sporting shorter hair and most of the time long locks help create the illusion of having a slimmer face.

    It really doesn’t matter if men likes women with long hair. What’s important is that you really have much freedom to style your hair how you want it, when you want it with longer locks. After all, short hair can be very limiting in terms of styling. As a case in point, isn’t it most brides and debutants choose to grow their hair longer so they can style it better come the big day?

  • Lilan Yap

    Personally, I’d go for long hair. It suits me better because of my round face (I’m half-Chinese). With short hair, my face would end up looking rounder, which looks hideous! With long hair, I’m able to tone down the roundness of my face and am able to accentuate the features of my face instead of the shape. If you’ve noticed, Asian celebrities, like Lucy Liu and Zhang Zi Yi, look better with long hair. Although the celebrities in the pictures posted look better with short hair, it would look dull if they don’t know how to create different looks with short hair. It would be tiring to look at rocker chic/pixie style hair everyday on the same celebrity. In the end, I strongly advise to grow your hair long. You can style it any way you want, how ever you want it. =)

  • ladymishel

    I’ll definitely go for short hair, just by looking at the photographs above you can already see how glamourous, stylish and fashionable a woman can be. They look fresh, confident and vibrant. Their short hair speak for their personality from being posh like Victoria, tough like Keira, sexy like Halle and sweet like Katie.

  • Lourdes Espanol

    There are so many reasons why I prefer short hair over long hair. First, it suits me more. I’m petite so having long hair makes me look shorter. Second, it looks more chic and modern. Third, you don’t have to spend so much time fixing it, just grab a comb and you’re ready to go. Lastly, you can always wear hair extensions if you want a new look. As with long hair you can’t do that but have it cut off if you suddenly feel the urge to have short hair.

  • emiliana

    I prefer long hair because is more than just sexy and stylish, it offers a versatility of so many styles. I can wear my hair up in a myriad of ways or, I can wear it half up and half down. Without any great effort, long hair can be pulled up into a ponytail, a bun or even braided, something not possible for short hair.
    Short hair requires more maintenance, although an easier task. Moreover, short hair is not for everyone. There are several things one should consider before taking on a short cut including the face shape, body and condition of the hair.

  • Min

    Long curly hair rocks! It makes a woman very feminine, very irrestible and definitely sexy!

  • Raven

    Long hair is a crown of beauty to women, and it signifies feminism. It brings out the character of woman, may she be sweet and innocent, bold and daring.

    A woman is considered to be more attractive if she has long hair, especially when she cares for it and styles it to complement her face.

    For me, long hair definitely rocks. 🙂

  • Emby

    Long hair!

    With long hair you can do different hairstyle, curl , straight whatever suits your mood.. I had a demi moore cut when was in grade 1.. I looked like a boy! I get teased when someone saw my picture. But now I’m having fun with my long layered hair. I love it and they love it too!

  • Madel Martin

    Long hair or short hair? Doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable wearing it. I have tried both and I can say I am happy whichever way. I wore them at times I felt like it. Simply put, it all depends on your mood. 🙂

  • josephine

    I personally prefer short hair and grow it long after a year and have it cut short again. It relieves the hair from being damaged with too many chemicals being put to make it beautiful. Rebonding and coloring treatments may damage if not used properly.. So i cut my hair short.. Besides, it makes you look younger when you’re wearing short hair. Especially when you’re gaining age like me..LOL

  • chelle

    I asked 10 guy friends which one they prefer long hair or short hair… and 8 out of 10 said they prefer chicks with long hair! Oh well, I have long hair and I strongly agree! I think long hair makes women ultra feminine and sexier than short hair.

    Basically, it really depends on the person. What they do with their hair, the structure and style of the hair. And of course the girl’s personality! If the girl is comfortable in short hair, she also looks better with short hair and the other way around. While I think the length of hair doesn’t define a woman’s beauty, it helps reveal a woman’s personality. A flip of the hair (oh, you can’t do that with short hair), long bangs hanging over the eyes, gazillion hair styles, whatever. 🙂

    n general…men love long hair on women…men are very visual…we see long hair = woman = attraction and oh short hair DOES look great on some people..namely men with receding hairlines. LOL

  • melody maningas

    long hair pa ren, mas sexy tignan and mas feminine

  • cornelio mallare

    Short Hair rocks for me!

    Having a short hairstyle does not require a lot of maintenance. It is easier to fix in the morning. With less tangles to deal with, I can run my hands through it without pulling out or getting fingers stuck in my hair.

    It takes less time to fix when I’m getting dressed for a special occasion or for those early morning rushes for work. Of course, I use less shampoo and conditioner. And I look younger and neat all of the time – no matter what I’m wearing.

  • minski

    Short hair definitely rocks!

    It was such a thrill to see the shock on the faces of family and friends when I sheared my long,wavy,envious worthy locks to a bob (and later to a pixie cut!).
    It felt like the rebel inside has been set free as I never imagined myself sporting and pulling off a short ‘do but has always wondered the possibility of defying other people’s expectations of me.
    It definitely boosted my confidence and allowed me to be braver and adventurous in my choices, relationships and outlook in life.

    If you felt ready to go to the short side, then do so! Seize the opportunity of feeling poised and secure with yourself. Afterhall, hair grows out!

    PS: Im currently sporting long,wavy locks again after a year of being on the in-between stage. And it’s harder to feel feminine with short hair but it definitely was one of the moments in my life I felt so cool. Have been thinking lately of going back to a short’do in by the end of the year!

  • Najee

    Short hair takes the cake.

    In this day and age when women are rapidly becoming liberated and empowered, I strongly advocate that your hair should be the least of your worries as you go about changing the world for the better.
    Short hair epitomizes the femininity and edginess of women today perfectly.

    I think the advent for short hair has finally come.
    Step out of that long-hair comfort zone!

  • cresfel

    Short hair rocks!

    One of the great things about short hairstyles is that it can go for any occasion whether it’s to cool down in the summer, or be more manageable for the more sporty personality. It’s sexy and professional enough for the office or a night out on the town. A short cut is a winning style for those who lack the time to fuss over their hair.

    If you want easy, carefree style, fun and sophisticated look, go for a short hair style. In this day and age, there is a short hair style to fit every hair type, face shape and lifestyle.

  • choy

    For a girl who always wants to be on the safe side, she would definitely go for long hair. But, for a girl who can manage to project well with her hair cut short, that’s a blast because not everybody looks good with short hair.

    Therefore, short hair rules! 🙂

  • Melanie Esponilla

    short hair rocks for me. i had long hair before and i just decided to get a hair cut one day.after me and bf broke up.a decision i will never ever forget.short hair is easy too manage and you don’t consume too much hair products. my long hair get compliments because even it is short,i made sure it’s shiny and healthy. proper coloring and hair care is the key! 🙂

  • Michelle

    I have long straight hair because I prefer to be on the safe side. I think its easier to maintain.

    But, If i would be given a chance ( and i am actually thinking to), I would love to have a short hairstyle. I admire those girls who looks good and more girly with short hair. I think they are oozing with confidence. 🙂

  • Josie

    Short hair rocks.

    Most of the powerful women, like Loren Legarda for example, cut her hair short after the (losing the) elections. When a woman decides to wear a short do, it would mean she wants to get out of her old past and still accept/embrace it with courage. She learns and still, she continue her journey with her head held up high.

  • Cherie Chan

    For me, Long Hair rocks more! Long Hair allows me to try many fancy up-dos than shorter hair. This is why I chose to grow my hair for my big day (my Wedding Day), because I know that I will have more variety to choose from in terms of styles and up-dos 🙂 Long hair can also be curled or straightened in a way short hair cannot. Curling hair that is quite short often makes hair end up looking excessively poofy and less than flattering. On the other hand, straightening short hair can make hair look too flat and boring. If hair is extremely short, straightened or curling hair may not even be possible. 🙂

  • Lilibeth Yu

    Having Short hairstyles are now becoming a trend because there are a lot of benefits to have it. Not only is it a cheap hairstyle to have, it’s the ultimate in low maintenance. Short hairstyle also looks sexy and trendy. You can simply wash and go and it is really good for busy women who wants to save time fixing their hair.

  • Nancy

    Short hairstyles are trendy, practical, easy to maintain and takes very little time to wash, dry, and set. Short hairstyles look chic and elegant and the person stands out in the bevy of long -haired people. It is a good way to make a style statement with short hairstyles 🙂

  • Tracy

    Short! All because I’ve had my long hair cut into a bob and I received five compliments today – and one even said I look like I’m 18 again (I’m almost 24 – birthday next month) =D Happy with the hair change 🙂

  • Vivian Blas

    Long hair rocks more! I always dreamt of becoming a princess someday having my long, straight hair 🙂 I can always style my hair the way I want to and it always brings out the beauty within me 🙂

  • Margaret S. Chan

    short hair vs long hair sometimes it depend on the mood there is no such a thing as that short hair or long hair rule. During summer when it’s hot some women prefer short hair. Even those with long hair they can do what ever style they like into wavy, phony tail etc. depending on their mood.

  • erica yu-b

    hi, pls email me where to pick up my prize. thank you so much…

  • RJ

    Long hair every time. It’s just so much more feminine and sensuous.

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