Hair in Manila How-to: Attaching Hair Extensions

Hello HIM readers!

It’s been a while since I last posted. Things have been crazy in the office preparing for one of our biggest launches this year (which I’ll soon feature here,of course)!

Now that summer’s over, many girls who’ve cut their hair short to feel the summer breeze or to change their look during the season want to grow their hair back — and many just can’t wait. Julienne Raboca of Hair Couture PH e-mailed me to ask if we could promote her hair extensions here. This piqued my interest since hair extensions have been on the radar lately. But more than just promoting it, I asked Julienne to show us HOW TO put on hair extensions.

Falling hair it’s not! 😉


I always thought that putting on hair extensions is a difficult and painful process, but you’ll be able to see below — and EXCLUSIVELY here in HairinManila — just how easy it is go from a short ‘do to a long (and realistic!) coiffure!

Step 1: Brush

Brush each piece from the bottom-up. Start brushing at the bottom to avoid tangling the hair extensions, and gradually lengthen your stroke towards the top where the clips are located.

DON’T be impatient and try to brush it all in one stroke-this might create knots that will damage several strands.
DO brush your extensions regularly. This keeps them healthy, bouncy, and tangle-free.

Step 2: Part hair

Part your hair in a straight horizontal line on your scalp, and clip on top of your head.

Step 3:Open clips

Open the hair clips like so.

Step 4: Clip on

Clip the extensions on your hair (attach it on the upper half, for better grip), then close the clip.

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat. Clip the extensions on side by side, without leaving a gap between.

Step 6. Wear!


Easy! And the best part is — it’s now available locally! I have friends who’d buy hair extensions from Korea and Hong Kong, but Julienne has conveniently set up her own Multiply site for those of you who can’t wait for nature’s slow hair-growing process or who just want a temporary and fun way to change their look in a snap! 🙂

The price is PHP 1,800.00 for 4 pieces, and any additional will be PHP 200.00 per piece.

Julienne’s tip: Girls with short hair will need more than 4, but for those with medium to long hair, 4 should be enough!

You can check out Julienne’s online shop at and also type Hair Couture PH for their Facebook page. You may also contact Julienne directly at 09228135585 or (02)2112498.


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