Hair’s to the New Year Makeover Winner!

Hola HIM!

Boy, has it been a long time! We apologize for the blogging hiatus the past months, but worry not, because we’re back and ready for more hair-raising action!

We welcomed 2011 with a dare to change your look for the New Year, and one lucky girl did just that. Read on to find out more about our makeover winner:

Dear HIM,

My name is Irene and I’m a big fan of Hair in Manila. I love reading your reviews on different salons and everything about hair! And quite helpful too as I’m very indecisive as to which hairstyle to wear and where to go.

After learning about the Hair’s to the New Year Hair Make-over contest, I got so excited and the first person that popped in my mind was my very good friend Dionie.

Dionie is turning 26 on February and yes, she has never had a boyfriend since birth! She’s the bread winner to her family. Very smart and pretty. But her pretty face is just not enough. Her looks need character and that extra oomph. Before, she used to have very long hair. Our barkada advised her to do something new with her hair as she wore the same style for so long. She tried perming it which was okay until it became dull again. So to break away from her usual long, boringblack hair, Dionie decided to cut her hair short. I was expecting a stylish bob like those of Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes or Paris Hilton, but unfortunately, her haircut turned out to be something that made her officemates and friends tease her as the Going Bulilit child star “Chacha”. This “Chacha” look went along with her small, “pa-cute” voice, and I think this image has left an impression on men that she was “childish”, hence no boyfriend since birth. I find this an unfair judgment for someone as responsible, mature and nurturing as Dionie. That’s why I wanted her to get a makeover because she has great potential to be as stylish as the Hollywood A-listers. I believe all she needs is a little more style and color in her hair and she will certainly make men regret why they never took notice of her.

More power to Hair in Manila!



Thanks to Irene’s letter, this fashion emergency was turned into an exciting New Year makeover for her friend Dionie.

Our lucky makeover winner was invited to Regine’s Salon, located at The Link in Makati, for her luxurious salon experience. The façade displays not only the very inviting and stylish interior, but also boasts of its professional expertise in the hair color of the future, INOA.

Regine's Salon, Makati

The elegant reception desk, adorned with patterns and a chandelier

As soon as Dionie arrived at Regine’s Salon for her makeover, we instantly noticed her sweet and (initially) shy personality. Her naturally straight hair fell promptly on her shoulders, which complemented her cute, preppy outfit.

Meet Dionie

As a programmer for one of the well-known management consulting and technology services company, you can’t deny the smarts that come with this CommArts graduate from UST. With the goal of combining creative and chic in Dionie, we started the much-awaited makeover with one of L’Oreal Professionnel’s Institutional Artists, Karina Mantolino of Regine’s Salon.Hair consultation with Karina of Regine's Salon

As Dionie shared her hair story with Karina, she also showed how her hair now is almost the same style as when she was way younger!

Convinced that her look needed some spicing up, Karina decided to match Dionie’s playful personality with a new trendy yet wearable hairstyle.

Dionie’s hair first gets shampooed, with a relaxing massage to boot

Karina then carefully removes some length and adds edgy layers to Dionie’s hair

Someone seems to be enjoying this special double blow-drying experience as her new haircut is revealed

Regine’s Salon stylist, Jimmy Tadeo, then prepares INOA for Dionie’s hair color

The revolutionary INOA (or Innovation No Ammonia) from L’Oreal Professionnel is indeed the hair color of the future because of its ODS or Oil Delivery System. This means that INOA has no ammonia, which is why it has no unpleasant smell and even offers optimal scalp comfort for anyone who wants to have their hair colored.

Dionie is pleasantly surprised that she doesn’t smell anything at all!

Take it from Irene herself who tells us why she thinks INOA is the hair color of the future:

“INOA is the hair color of the future because it is 100% ammonia-free. The best choice for those who haven’t tried hair coloring and for those whose hair have become dried from other hair color product. INOA will leave hair soft, shiny and brilliant in color!”

INOA is then applied on Dionie’s hair, without causing any stinging on her scalp

To complement her new hair style, 3 INOA shades (5.12, 5.17, and 5.62) are applied to add dimension and personality to Dionie’s look. With rich browns and interesting low and high lights, her hair comes to life with color!

A head full of color matched, with a smile of excitement

“We can’t wait to see her new look!” exclaimed Dionie’s supportive friends Cory and letter-sender Irene!

And alas, the final product! The cut and color that changed Dionie’s look - with stylish healthy-looking hair!


What better way to (re)start the year than to have great new look care of fun-loving friends (not to mention professional help), right? For daring to change cut and color your hair, and embracing the much-needed change, here’s to you Dionie – our 2011 Hair’s to the New Year Makeover winner!

Dionie shows how she’s A-okay with her refreshing makeover!

Thank you Irene, Cory, and to everyone who joined the contest! For those who weren’t as lucky this time around, don’t worry because we still have a lot in store for you the next coming weeks – so wait for that!

Special thanks to Karina, as well as everyone from Regine’s Salon Makati, who helped make this dream make-over a reality! 🙂


With branches at The Link, Makati and Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa

Book your appointment now and call 028561724 or 028072217


2 responses to “Hair’s to the New Year Makeover Winner!

  • Lisa

    Wow you guys did a really good job for Dionie, and must have made her year! I hope she gets all the guys knocking on her door soon.

    It’s nice how you used three different shades of color and have done a good job of blending it together.

    The cut is amazing and really accenuates her jawline and cute facial features.

    • HIM Girls

      Hi Lisa!!

      So nice hearing from you! And with such positive feedback! Thank you!

      Our winner was so happy with her new look. This subtle-edgy concept fits perfectly with her personality. Our stylist was really able to grasp her feel/ her persona. 🙂

      Watch out for our next make overs and let us know what you think!!


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