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Hair in Manila How-to: Attaching Hair Extensions

Hello HIM readers!

It’s been a while since I last posted. Things have been crazy in the office preparing for one of our biggest launches this year (which I’ll soon feature here,of course)!

Now that summer’s over, many girls who’ve cut their hair short to feel the summer breeze or to change their look during the season want to grow their hair back — and many just can’t wait. Julienne Raboca of Hair Couture PH e-mailed me to ask if we could promote her hair extensions here. This piqued my interest since hair extensions have been on the radar lately. But more than just promoting it, I asked Julienne to show us HOW TO put on hair extensions.

Falling hair it’s not! 😉


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Contest Winners! Short hair vs. Long hair debate

Hello readers!
It was a joy to read all your entries for this contest. Answers ranged from practical to whimsical, random, empowering, encouraging, and inspiring! Thank you all for giving us great insights on this topic. While there may not be one correct and absolute answer to this age-old question, answers are chosen based on the insights they presented, however deep or funny or random these may be. 🙂

So CONGRATULATIONS to our grand winner, Minski! Here’s what she had to say about it:

Short hair definitely rocks!

It was such a thrill to see the shock on the faces of family and friends when I sheared my long, wavy, envious-worthy locks to a bob (and later to a pixie cut!).
It felt like the rebel inside has been set free as I never imagined myself sporting and pulling off a short ‘do but has always wondered the possibility of defying other people’s expectations of me.
It definitely boosted my confidence and allowed me to be braver and adventurous in my choices, relationships and outlook in life.

If you felt ready to go to the short side, then do so! Seize the opportunity of feeling poised and secure with yourself. After all, hair grows out!


Minski wins the great Garnier gift bag with all the goodies in the photo. I’ve also chosen 8 other winners who get a Garnier Pure Pore tightening astringent, a Garnier Pure Pore unblock foam, and a Garnier Pure Self-heating sauna mask! They are:

  • Erica yu-b
  • Sheila Mari
  • Maui
  • Cresfel
  • Emby
  • Maricar Losantas
  • Jameela Malicdem
  • Eunice Felix

Congratulations all! Please e-mail so I can give you instructions on how to claim your prize! ‘Til our next giveaway! In the meantime, go out there a try a new hairstyle today! 🙂

New contest: Short hair vs. Long hair? (June 16-26)

Hello readers!

It’s time for another contest! This one is really simple and can enlighten us with answers to the age-old hair question:

Which rocks more,


Simply comment below on your answer and get a chance to win goodies from Garnier! One winner with the best answer will receive the following:

  • Garnier LightComplete Multi-action whitening cream
  • Garnier Light Whiten & Protect moisturizing cream
  • Garnier Light Milky Lightening dew
  • Garnier Light Brightening scrub wash
  • Garnier Light spot corrector pen
  • Garnier Light Visible whitening face powder
  • Garnier Light Lightening peel-off mask
  • Garnier Light Perfect Fit & Relax whitening mask

Consolation prizes will also be given!

You see how celebrities vary their looks with long locks and short cuts…

Victoria Beckham

Keira Knightley

Halle Berry

Katie Holmes

We’d like to hear which side of the fence you’re in! Join the debate and win! 🙂

Contest is from June 16-26 only!

Make-Over #10: Enter the Intern!

Hello HairInManila,

I came upon your blog while browsing through the Maybelline FB fan page. While reading through your older entries, I saw that you’ve done make-overs on several people already; at this point, I got really excited because I myself have wanted a make-over for such a long time now! I’ve always thought that make-overs signaled a definite change for the better in someone’s life (probably due to the loads of Hollywood movies I’ve been weaned on since childhood, hahaha). I’m going to start my internship this April (in an advertising agency); because of this, I want something that’ll be kind of low maintenance but will still look presentable when meeting with supervisors/clients. Something that screams, “Hey world, here I come!”

I really REALLY hope you can help me! 🙂 THANK YOU!!!

Cheska Teresa


I was more than happy to meet Cheska and have her go through her make-over. Maybe it’s because I graduated with an Advertising degree myself. Maybe it’s because her many references to Hollywood attracted me (I myself am a Golden-Age-of-Hollywood cinephile). Or maybe it’s just because it really is HairinManila’s reason for existence to have our readers experience what we write about! Either way, it was a beautiful Sunday morning when I met with Cheska at Aura Salon to have her make-over one day before her internship! Now that’s what we call a photo finish! Read on! 🙂

Cheska’s collegiate locks need a boost before her first crack at being a professional!

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We have BLOG YOUR VOTE Winners!

Hello everyone!

After going through all the reposts, trackbacks, and entries, HairinManila‘s BLOG YOUR VOTE contest has its winners!

Before anything else, I’d like to thank everyone who joined this contest. I sincerely enjoyed going through your posts and discovering your blogs. For those who sent in photos from when they voted, I reveled at your own May 10 stories. It was my way of discovering how the Elections turned out in other parts of the country. 🙂

Most of all, I’d like to thank you for voting! More than giving away prizes and blogging about the importance to vote, it’s truly a different and significant thing to have stood up, left your houses, and cast that vote! Maraming salamat!

FIRST, the two winners who were chosen among those who reposted this contest (with our official auditing partner for this contest, are…

Congrats to Lee Shen Gee for winning the Pureology hair care set! And to Tracy Llanera for winning the L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Nature hair care set! Thank you for spreading the word about this contest! 🙂

Please e-mail me at so we can arrange how you can claim your prizes.

NEXT, the winner of the Kerastase Minis Set is Chinggay Labrador! See her photo and read her May 10 entry below:

The May 10 elections were a big deal for me, because during the last presidential elections years ago, my name was inexplicably removed from the registered voters list. This time, I really wanted to make sure I’d be able to exercise my right to vote! I went to my precinct with family in the afternoon, and was overwhelmed to find myself done with voting in under five minutes. I couldn’t believe how quick and painless the process was—I had to snap a photo of myself after voting.

This is me, in my messy room… My candidate didn’t win, but I showed my support by wearing his color on my hands! I painted my nails in support—even if it meant having the indelible ink ruin my manicure, haha… Being able to vote after that botched-up voter registration last time was WORTH it!

Congrats Chinggay! And thanks to everyone who joined! Watch out for our next contest; it’s sure to be another exciting one! 🙂

Make-over #9: Something Old, Something New

It was time for a make-over.

Such an empowering line many girls have had the courage to say over the years. A make-over signals significant change in one’s life — a rebirth of sorts. I remember how rejuvenated I felt after my post-pageant make-over, when I had my waist-length hair chopped up to my shoulders and sported bangs a la Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada. For many, a make-over bids farewell to the former You and greets hello a fabulous new You!

For HairinManila’s ninth make-over, Bianca Consunji of PDI’s 2bu! talks about her own make-over experience care of Piandre Salon in Trinoma. She shares with us the reason behind her desire to make that change (which I’m sure many of us will be able to relate with!), and how Piandre Trinoma made it all happen.

Bianca’s old hairstyle is limp and scraggly with her roots showing

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HairinManila’s BLOG YOUR VOTE Contest! Win a Kérastase Minis set or L’Oréal and Pureology products!

Hello HairinManila Readers!

To celebrate the upcoming National Elections (my first as a registered voter!), I’ll be giving away AMAAAZING prizes  to three lucky winners who share the same zeal and excitement as I have for casting my vote in the 2010 National Elections! Read on for the mechanics!


This special HairinManila contest is two-fold:

ONE person will win an exclusive complete Kérastase minis set! We gave one away at the start of the year, and we felt that the Elections will be special enough to give another box away!

The set contains every single Kérastase mini shampoo, masque, conditioner and night treatment ever released

To win this, just e-mail us a photo of yourself at that shows how you participated during the May 10 Elections. Whether you voted (show that indelible ink!), volunteered as a poll-watcher, counted votes, or any other way possible, send your entries in! Please include a short description of what you did on May 10 with your photo entry. 🙂


TWO people will win hair care products from Pureology and L’Oreal Professionnel! One will win a shampoo and conditioner from Pureology, and another will win a shampoo and masque from L’oreal Professionnel’s Serie Nature line.

Pureology and Serie Nature both keep your hair beautiful AND contain environment-friendly ingredients!

To be one of the two winners:

1. Spread the word! Write about this contest in your Facebook wall/blog/Multiply/Myspace/Twitter/Tumblr/Plurk/etc.

2. Make sure to link your post to this post’s comments section. Please include the URL in your comment for me to check.


This contest is open to anyone in the Philippines! The winner of the Kerastase minis set will be picked from among the entries by me, while the two winners of hair care products will be chosen at random. Contest runs from April 29 to May 15, 11 pm.

Here at HairinManila, we don’t only want to impart to you good advice on the best hairstyles, hair products, and salons; we also want to our readers to be responsible citizens and proud Filipinos. So good luck everyone! I’m excited to see and read about what you’ll be doing to contribute to a clean, peaceful, and honest Elections. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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