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HIM Is Now Hers

Hello HIM readers!

It’s been awhile. How have you all been? Any crazy new hair adventures since our last post? 🙂 With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to experiment on super cool hairstyles to go with your awesome costumes!

Because it’s been so long since our last entry, it seems like there are just so many new hair things to catch up on—new hair treatments, hair products, hair salons and what not. But before we kick-off this new chapter in the Hair In Manila blog, we would like to make a few announcements.

Firstly, notice how we are using “we” now? That’s right! New HIM bloggers are in town. We’ll be taking over for now! Who are we, you may ask? Well, allow us to introduce ourselves to you. 🙂

New HIM Girls

We are Nikki, Jords, and Maita—the new girls of HIM. Yep, that’s us! From left to right. So from now on, we will be joining you in your hair adventures. So feel free to write to us, post comments, and introduce yourselves to us (but only if you want to, of course :p).

Secondly, BIG and EXCITING changes are in store for HIM. For one, we will be featuring more make-overs and more contests. And that means… more prizes too! Also, we will be having an all-new layout, so watch out for that. In fact, maybe you guys can give us suggestions for the new layout! We want HIM to be as much yours as it is ours. 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you all. We’ll be posting a new entry sooner than you think. 🙂

Happy Trick-or-Treating!

Nikki, Jords, and Maita


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