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Makeover #11: Homme My Gosh!

Hello Readers! Maita here 🙂

As you all know, HIM is going through some big changes. So for this blog entry, I opted to do something a little different.

Okay, so a large part of this blog has been dedicated to make-overs. I mean, true enough, what kind of a hair blog would this be if it didn’t feature hair make-overs, right? So staying true to that, HIM has featured about 10 wonderful make-overs throughout its existence.

But wait, have you noticed something??? Try to go through the 10 entries and see…

>>Makeovers #1 to #10

Yeap! All girls. We’ve only featured girl make-overs in this blog. So to make this entry a little bit out of the ordinary, I chose a lucky BOY to undergo the make-over.

Meet Jose Gaerlan. He had just returned from a 3-month internship in Hyatt Regency Tahoe in Nevada, and is looking forward to a new semester back here in the Philippines, where he’s currently a Junior taking up Culinary Arts in Enderun Colleges. He came back from Tahoe looking like this—hair already too thick, and quite long in some sections.

So to help him out, I decided that he’d be the perfect candidate for Make Over # 11: Homme My Gosh!

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Make-Over #10: Enter the Intern!

Hello HairInManila,

I came upon your blog while browsing through the Maybelline FB fan page. While reading through your older entries, I saw that you’ve done make-overs on several people already; at this point, I got really excited because I myself have wanted a make-over for such a long time now! I’ve always thought that make-overs signaled a definite change for the better in someone’s life (probably due to the loads of Hollywood movies I’ve been weaned on since childhood, hahaha). I’m going to start my internship this April (in an advertising agency); because of this, I want something that’ll be kind of low maintenance but will still look presentable when meeting with supervisors/clients. Something that screams, “Hey world, here I come!”

I really REALLY hope you can help me! 🙂 THANK YOU!!!

Cheska Teresa


I was more than happy to meet Cheska and have her go through her make-over. Maybe it’s because I graduated with an Advertising degree myself. Maybe it’s because her many references to Hollywood attracted me (I myself am a Golden-Age-of-Hollywood cinephile). Or maybe it’s just because it really is HairinManila’s reason for existence to have our readers experience what we write about! Either way, it was a beautiful Sunday morning when I met with Cheska at Aura Salon to have her make-over one day before her internship! Now that’s what we call a photo finish! Read on! 🙂

Cheska’s collegiate locks need a boost before her first crack at being a professional!

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Make-over #9: Something Old, Something New

It was time for a make-over.

Such an empowering line many girls have had the courage to say over the years. A make-over signals significant change in one’s life — a rebirth of sorts. I remember how rejuvenated I felt after my post-pageant make-over, when I had my waist-length hair chopped up to my shoulders and sported bangs a la Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada. For many, a make-over bids farewell to the former You and greets hello a fabulous new You!

For HairinManila’s ninth make-over, Bianca Consunji of PDI’s 2bu! talks about her own make-over experience care of Piandre Salon in Trinoma. She shares with us the reason behind her desire to make that change (which I’m sure many of us will be able to relate with!), and how Piandre Trinoma made it all happen.

Bianca’s old hairstyle is limp and scraggly with her roots showing

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Make-over #8: Kid-friendly cuts for summer

Summer’s here! It’s that time of the year again when school’s out and kids spend their waking hours working up a sweat playing outdoors or stay cooped indoors playing video games. It’s the time when they trade in their school uniforms and polished black shoes for breezy cotton sandos, shorts, and summer staple slippers. And, if you grew up with parents like mine, summer’s the time when parents bring their kids to the salon to get haircuts that suit the hot and humid months to come.

METRO Beauty Editor Erica Paredes volunteered her 6-year-old daughter Ananda for this special HairInManila make-over — kid’s edition! Ananda is a precocious little girl who was shy to talk to me and Birdie in the beginning but once warmed up once we bought her Chickenjoy for lunch. She is fond of temporary tattoos, makes her own rings at home, and asked Birdie if he had wings (because of his name). We brought Ananda for her summer haircut at Bench Fix Trinoma as mom Erica writes about their experience in this trendy salon.

Little Ananda prepares her thin wavy hair for summer!


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Make-Over #7: Breathing new life to mature locks

Hello HairInManila readers!

If this blog had sound, you’d now be surprised that a girl greets you and not Birdie. Let me introduce myself. I’m Y2, a Management Trainee handling PR for the Professional Products division (a.k.a. the salon division) here in L’ Oréal. Things have been crazy busy around the office, and I’ll be helping Birdie out with this blog now.

Since this blog is about hair, let me tell you a bit about mine. In the three months I’ve worked here, I’ve had four haircuts, a rebonding, a color change, and countless shampoo and treatment testings. Never has my hair been given this much attention and care! It continues to be a fun and interesting “hair journey” so far, and maybe someday I’ll share more with you. 🙂

For this make-over, Agoo Bengzon follows and writes about her own mom, Mariasun Azcuna! Like Mariasun, many women want to maintain their healthy and luscious locks as they grow older. However, hair shows signs of aging, especially when not taken care of properly. For some much-needed hair rejuvenation, we brought her to one of Manila’s most renowned salon brands: Emphasis Salon in the Peninsula Hotel

With Agoo accompanying her mom for some mother-daughter bonding, here’s how Emphasis was able to defy aging, as well as a peek inside a true Manila gem of a salon.

Mariasun’s hair gives her age away now, but wait ‘til you see her after her makeover!

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Make-Over #6: Curls Allowed: The Return of the Hippie Perm

“Hi HairInManila,

I landed on your blog desperately looking for a reliable salon in the city. Unfortunately, my hair got chemically damaged very recently due to a perming treatment. It has gotten very dry, frizzy, unmanageable and in other ways I never imagined. 😦 My hair is medium in length and I would dare chop it off just so I could get rid of it! Is there any chance you know of a treatment for such? Or a makeover that’s looking to transform a hideous hair into something very nice? Hehe. Hope to hear from you very soon for I can no longer have this thing hanging on my head. Thank you very much! – Pam”

How can I say no? As my first-ever reader-volunteer-model, I wanted to give Pam a fantastic make-over! I decided to set her up with one of my favorite salons owned by one of my favorite stylists in town: Philippe’s Salon!
With Becca accompanying her, here’s how Pam’s curls were rescued as well as an inside look at this chic salon that’s hidden away from the metro.

Perms are hard to manage, but with the right cut and products, its beauty can last!

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Make-Over #5: Punk pixie: Short hair that’s girl pretty

One lazy Saturday, HairInManila contributor Becca Rodriguez texted me that she was getting bored with her hair and that she wanted to get a make-over! When I asked what she had in mind, she said “I want a boy cut! Like really really short!”

My text reply: 😀

This post will be about new things! A new salon in town, a new hair care brand that recently launched in the Philippines, and a new look for women who are tired of their long hair!

Read on to see what happened when Becca headed out to the new Studio Fix salon by Alex Carbonell in Greenbelt 5 for her wish of a punk pixie look!

Remember Becca’s super curly hair before? She’s back to try on a new short ‘do!

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