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Salon Review: Straight Talk at Hairworks Salon

Hello HairinManila Readers!

Wow, isn’t it unbelievably hot out there lately? I just came from the beach this weekend, and I really felt the sun drying out my hair! I find myself putting my medium-length hair in a ponytail or bun more often now thanks to the searing heat, even if it’s bad for my rebonded hair. I’m sure many of you feel the heat as well and the damage it can cause to your hair. Phew! A reminder: Protect your tresses this summer!

Agoo Bengzon once again graces our page as she writes about Hairworks Salon. Hairworks boasts excellent service and a long list of loyal clientele that come in regularly for their maintenance and pampering. We set an appointment for Tara Santos of Summit Media to have her hair rebonded in Hairworks as Agoo writes about this hair oasis at the heart of Makati CBD.

Nope, this isn’t a mirage. It really is the façade of Hairworks!


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Make-Over #6: Curls Allowed: The Return of the Hippie Perm

“Hi HairInManila,

I landed on your blog desperately looking for a reliable salon in the city. Unfortunately, my hair got chemically damaged very recently due to a perming treatment. It has gotten very dry, frizzy, unmanageable and in other ways I never imagined. 😦 My hair is medium in length and I would dare chop it off just so I could get rid of it! Is there any chance you know of a treatment for such? Or a makeover that’s looking to transform a hideous hair into something very nice? Hehe. Hope to hear from you very soon for I can no longer have this thing hanging on my head. Thank you very much! – Pam”

How can I say no? As my first-ever reader-volunteer-model, I wanted to give Pam a fantastic make-over! I decided to set her up with one of my favorite salons owned by one of my favorite stylists in town: Philippe’s Salon!
With Becca accompanying her, here’s how Pam’s curls were rescued as well as an inside look at this chic salon that’s hidden away from the metro.

Perms are hard to manage, but with the right cut and products, its beauty can last!

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Salon Review: A Colorful Day at Franck Provost Studio

With all the high-end development in Taguig these days, it is only natural that a high-end salon will follow. Enter Franck Provost Studio at the Fort! It has only been around for a year, but it has been getting a steady stream of clientele thanks to the creative direction of its head French director and its highly trained staff.

HairInManila contributor Vicky Tensuan sets up an appointment to give us a review of the salon’s services! Let’s take a look inside!

The façade of the Franck Provost

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Make-Over #5: Punk pixie: Short hair that’s girl pretty

One lazy Saturday, HairInManila contributor Becca Rodriguez texted me that she was getting bored with her hair and that she wanted to get a make-over! When I asked what she had in mind, she said “I want a boy cut! Like really really short!”

My text reply: 😀

This post will be about new things! A new salon in town, a new hair care brand that recently launched in the Philippines, and a new look for women who are tired of their long hair!

Read on to see what happened when Becca headed out to the new Studio Fix salon by Alex Carbonell in Greenbelt 5 for her wish of a punk pixie look!

Remember Becca’s super curly hair before? She’s back to try on a new short ‘do!

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Salon Review: Making waves at Lee Chul Hair KerKer Salon

Another Korean salon franchise arrives in the Philippines, and this time it doesn’t hide its presence with its huge building along Makati Avenue!

The new Lee Chul Hair KerKer Salon opened around 2 months ago and has been steadily gathering customers and introducing them to their brand of Korean hairstyles. You can find out more about the KerKer story in their website here.

I invited Agoo to visit the salon and do a review of their services, particularly their perm which they claim is their specialty. But Agoo wasn’t feeling adventurous enough to go for a perm, so she brought a friend instead to get a digital perm service.

The 1st floor is for regular customers; the 2nd has the VIP rooms; the 3rd is a training academy

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Top 10 Best Designed Shampoo Chairs

One thing about European salons that amazes me is how much they treat it as a place of art and beauty. Especially the high end salons where everything from the architecture to the furniture is beautifully designed.

Check out this short clip to see some examples of Scandinavian-design inspired salons:

I wanted to share some more specific examples of these gorgeous salon furniture with you, so I’ll start off with something that people don’t often notice: the shampoo chair (or backwash as we call it in the industry). I always say that if your backwash is uncomfortable, then it ruins the whole experience for the customer. Either they can’t enjoy their head massage or they end up with neck pain from poor ergonomic design.

I whipped out some copies of Estetica Design magazine (a luxury publication dedicated to hair and salons) and selected my top 10 Best Designed Shampoo Chairs.

Disclaimer though: my basis for the list is purely on visual impact and uniqueness of concept. There are only 3 of them that I have actually tried having a service on.

Compared to the Philippines, European salons usually apply their hair treatments in the backwash. So the designers make sure that it is as comfortable as possible.

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Salon Review: Park Jun Beauty Lab

Last week was one heck of a week as HairInManila created a collaborative project with Stylebible, Pam Quinones, Shu Uemura, and L’Oréal Tecni.Artists (a group of freelance hair stylists who does a lot of magazine and commercial shoots).  I’ll be posting that within the week 🙂

But for now, its time for a salon review!

Along with all the Koreans now studying and living in Manila, came the trend of Korean salons. And one of the newer ones is Park Jun’s Beauty Lab located on the ground floor of Glorietta 3, right beside Gloria Jeans and TGIF.

I asked Becca if she would like to check out the salon’s services, and although the salon prides itself in Korean perms, since her hair was recently rebonded, she decided to go for a Kérastase Hair Ritual instead. Sadly, she didn’t bring a camera that day so no pics of her look. All the photos below were taken by a photographer I hired during their opening months for my file.


When you enter the front door, this is all you see. Wait till you turn around that corner!

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